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"It's okay to be crazy. Everyone who ever had an idea that changed history, that shaped our world, did it because they were the only ones crazy enough to make it work."

Aloha all! I am very pleased to have stumbled upon this gold mine of literature and hope to entertain and devastate you all with my often dramatic and hopefully gripping tales of whatever my crazy mind might fathom.

I must say my inspiration and literary idols are the wonderful authors out there who made my childhood and my life so magical with their tales. From C.S Lewis, Bram Stoker, & the wonderful J.M Barie to The enrapturing John Green, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth and so many more.

Big love and adoration to these novels I advise everyone reads! Please!
The Fault In Our Stars (have tissues ready)
The hunger games (DUH!)
Calling me home (by Julie Kibler, soon to be film, tissues needed)
The Help (minnie is amazing)
Divergent (because Four is... four!)
Alice in wonderland
Peter Pan
Sherlock Holmes (oh sherlock!)
Narnia (pass it on to your kids good people of Movella!)
Oh and of course;

Thank u for reading my stories, for reading that list, and much appreciation for taking hold of any of the above books :)

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    Been making book themed cards for some customers on etsy and ebay :)
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    Aww u guys r great well down @[CorkyPorkyღ ] yep that's the three :) I've been selling these and a few other book cards :) haha @[Ahlaam Nightshade] same here wow crazy coincidence my favourite classic books :)
    5 years ago
    Wow we r so alike @[Ahlaam Nightshade] they were my first childhood stories, I saw ur quote a while ago it's so perfect :D x I know I'm sorry I've been so busy with holidays and some summer work stuff, I'm really good, planning a new movella ATM so excited to put it up, how r u doing? Really enjoyed the benefits of being different btw hope you continue it x
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    I was lucky enought I have been chosen to review his book and all I can say is it was a five star thrill ride I'm still I'm awe by. The book centre around a murder that was thought to have been a cold case, but a sinister note on the school notice board brings forth a new mystery as Detective Moran must struggle to understand just who has committed the crime, aided by a host of striking characters. Perhaps the books greatest feature lies in the personalities and actions of the four school girls who end up submerged in the mystery. I don't want to spoil a thing, the novel is a mystery best experienced by a reader who is clueless as to what might happen next. All I can say is I would recommend the novel to anyone who enjoys thrills and chills, as well as poignant characters and an unforgettable crime! Five star :)
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