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A mostly science/math based geek. Though I hate GCSE physics. A proud nerdfighter (DFTBA) and lover of most things ice-cream.

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    Oh reems...
    The Other Side
    The Other Side
    Grieving for the recent death of her parents, 17 year old Simran flees from place haunted with memories to seek the comfort of whom she calls family. But death is closely following her, she is the last...
  • vanilla_antiproton

    mumbled "On the cusp of adulthood"

    When we are younger all we want to do is grow up and as we get older all we want to do is grow down. I always found that extremely funny but as I stand on the cliffs edge of what will ultimately be the rest of my life... not so much.
    I'll be the first to admit that I am extremely lazy and prone to procrastination but as the amount of coursework that I have due increases I find myself more and more in despair of those traits. I know that I need to do that work to have success in later life but I find myself always pushing it to the back of the mind more and more. Even this new site is me procrastinating.
    That is why I have decided to do something at least partly useful and write.

    Hello internet my name is Dara and my friend Doctor Boo is calling me away. :p
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