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Ashton Irwin is my bae and that's all I really wanna say I love him

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    mumbled "Birthday!!!"

    Yay!!! My birthday is in two days!!! I'll write a mumble telling you guys it's my birthday on the day! -anna :)
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    mumbled "Don't Judge Please!"

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    Ok, so this is kinda my first mumble that isn't about a book... so just don't judge. It said, 'Share What's On Your Mind', so... here goes i guess. I honestly am so terrified. I'm terrified of more things than a 14 year old should be terrified about. I'm scared that I won't make it to college. Not in intelligence though, I feel like I won't survive to make it to college. My anxiety has been really bad lately, and I honestly want to die in a hole 80% of the time. A 14 year old should not feel this way. I hate it. I'm depressed, and I have just recently figured out that I am a Hopeless Romantic. I never said that being a Hopeless Romantic is a bad thing, but part of me feels like I'll never find love. That I'll just be stuck with books and cats to comfort me. I mean, I'm not ugly, but I'm not gorgeous either, I'm just.... I don't know. There are some days, where I just cry all the time, and what's worse, is that I have absolutely no idea why a lot of times. You don't have to read this extremely long mumble if you don't want to, but I just needed to get this out of my system, to just let it all out, even if it's just on a website. But for those of you who did read this entire thing, thank you, thank you for caring. I don't care if I don't know you in person, I still feel like you care. Even just the slightest bit. Thank You. -Anna
    THAT SUCKS!! i am pretty sure that isnt supposed to happen!! just listen to 5sos and it"ll help!! I PROMISE!! you can get through it! i swear to god!! xx @[Ashton Irwins Bae]
    4 years ago
    Hi Ana :)
    I can relate to the anxiety as I have it too ... I don't think people appreciate how horrible it can be unless they have been through it and it isn't just the case of pulling yourself together, Its about people trying to understand that anxiety can be really REALLY stressful!
    So first things first you are right ... You shouldn't be worrying about these things at 14 but the fact is you are! And you know what? that is totally a brave thing to admit. If you want to go to college then tell yourself one day you will. Life isn't about proving things to other people but about proving it to yourself. If you want to go then set your sights on it and never let that dream fade away, Use it as something to focus on and work towards. Death is another thought that goes hand in hand with anxiety/depression because that horrible little monster gets inside your brain and tells you, you are worthless ... Well let me tell you, YOU are not worthless and you have the right to live a happy life. Regarding being a hopeless romantic ... I was brought up on classics such as pride and prejudice and I remember thinking that one day when I fell in love I wanted the man I met to be EXACTLY like Mr Darcy (Totally was asking for too much. lol) There have been a few frogs along the way and prince charming still hasn't shown up yet but there are billions of people in this world and I do believe that soul mates exist ... I have to believe that because that's why I LOVE being a hopeless romantic. It means we always have hope for a happily ever after :) And who says I need a need a prince charming? Just someone who understands me and appreciates me will do just fine :)
    Like the song says its OK not be OK, Life is testing at times and even the strongest of people can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. It doesn't make them weak.
    Wishing you all the best and sending a big virtual hug
    4 years ago
    Sorry I meant Anna ... xx
    Ashton Irwins Bae
    Oh my goodness, Ellie,
    It's like you're the best friend I never had! You seriously get me so much. To be honest, I have probably read over your comment probably 5-10 times, and it made me cry every single time. It was happy tears though, because your comment gave me so much hope. And thank you so much for the virtual hug!!! :) I give you one right back!!! I really hope that we can chat more, and talk to you soon? Maybe? Maybe not? Oh whatever. ;)
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    mumbled "End or save story??"

    Hey guys I mu=ight not be writing the story anymore because of all the cutting that it involves. All the books that i have been reading, (and have recently stopped reading), involve cutting and are very triggering. So, whenever I start to write, I kinda have to hold back the urge to just pick up a blade and break my two month streak. But please do tell me what you think I should do! I depend on your opinions a lot for this!
    -Ashton's Bae! :)
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    U should continue to write but change the story a little and if it gets to strong just take a week or two off
    4 years ago
    Yea or end the book
    4 years ago
    Or, write a bit more, maybe end the book soon but make a sequel. Make the sequel less triggering