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Hello! I used to be very active on Movellas, but took a break for a long time. I am making my return, however, and hopefully I will start writing here regularly again!


One time I was cool but now I'm not, but that's cool.

My name's Ryan, I'm 15 and trans. I'm panromantic and asexual, and I have a lovely boyfriend named Quinn.

My fandoms include, but are not limited to:
Marvel (MCU specifically)
Stranger Things
Motionless In White
and My Chemical Romance.

I'm a huge music nerd, admittedly. Talk to me about bands if you want! I love The Used, Saosin, The Amity Affliction, Against Me! and New Year's Day.


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    Hello! It's very probable that no one remembers or recognizes me, but that's fine! My name is Ryan and I'm 15, my pronouns are he/him, and I've been a Movellas member since June 2014. I took a very long hiatus due to mental health reasons, but I've decided I'm ready to try and make a permanent return. To celebrate this, I have published a new fanfiction- the entire story, too, so no one has to wait on updates! This is a Frerard fanfiction I wrote back in July of 2017 and originally published on Wattpad. Some minor changes have been made to this story (nothing that will alter the flow of the storyline or the plot, of course) so that I was able to publish it here! The story is called "Not My Type" and it's on my page.

    Though I am publishing it here, I highly suggest reading it on Wattpad instead for the best experience.

    The story contains mature themes, but also references to other bands related to My Chemical Romance. Please head on over to give it a read!

    xo, Ryan
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    Welcome back!
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