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There's not much to do sometimes but to take a step back and laugh at the mess you just got yourself in.


Shortlisted for Story (Not Fanfiction) of the Year 2014 in the Movellys Awards with 'The Girl Who Couldn't Go Outside'

Most popular Adventure genre Movella in January 2015 with 'The Girl Who Couldn't Go Outside'

All time third most popular Adventure genre Movella with 'The Girl Who Couldn't Go Outside'

Winner of the Secrets, Schemes and Sewing Machines Competition with 'Shakespeare's Calling'

Winner of the There Will Be Lies Writing Competition with 'The Girl Who Couldn't Go Outside'

  • Sappho The Second

    mumbled "Exams.."

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    So first off, apologies for going MIA for a bit :/ exams kinda took over my life but now that there are only two left, I have much more time to spend procrastinating so hopefully I should be able to update some stuff soon :)
    5 years ago
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    Glad that you're back! :D
    Sappho The Second
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    Thanks :) I have quite a bit of catching up to do though..
  • Sappho The Second

    mumbled "A haiku about exams"

    Yes, I'm procrastinating:

    So much revision,
    Words I can't remember now,
    I'm disappointed.
    Sappho The Second
    Well, I'm allowed to take five subjects if one of them is further maths (or if you're on the gifted and talented list) and we have to choose between EPQ or Critical Thinking anyway. The additional further maths would be extra
    Sappho The Second
    Yep, I'm thinking of doing mine on String a
    Sappho The Second
    Presenting? I hope not :/ I think it's all essays. Actually it's all one 5,000 or something word essay
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