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| 18 | Hi my name is Teya and my hobbies include taking snapchats of myself when I'm pretending I'm cute and quoting Jesus Christ Superstar and Les Mis

Kik; teya_blood

Instagram; Teyasaboss

Twitter; CryBabyTeya

Snapchat; teyablood

(If you need to contact me for anything and don't have any of the above email me at - teyab9@gmail.com - but ONLY if you don't have one of the above because I don't check it all the time. Also write on my wall if you do so that I know to check it)

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    mumbled "Haiiii"

    Guys I'm awful. I'm truly awful and I feel really bad but hey oh well. Recently I've been so positive about my life and I'm not sad all the time anymore and it feels great. Here is a picture of my nephew that looks like a sloth with this Snapchat filter. Speaking of Snapchat add me @ teyablood
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