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넘어져 다치고 아파도 끝없이 달리네 꿈을 향해

  • seouless

    mumbled "2015 man"

    6 years agoReply
    Zayn left 1D
    Zaughty was born
    #donteatzayn trended
    Louis slayed Zaughty
    Zaughty died
    Zayn had a Britney Spears meltdown and shaved his luxurious mane
    Harry proposed to me
    Liam v got jealous
    I married them both
    We have a baby walrus together
    His name is Billy Bob


    What a time to be alive
    6 years ago
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    i am so confused

    but i needa see louis slaying people
    6 years ago
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    Zaughty bck...*suddenly I can't read. Suddenly I don't know how*. Also congrats to erybodayy getting that 1 D or 2 D's like myself ....see what I did there. I'm clever af. ��
    Lou My Boo
    6 years ago
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  • seouless

    mumbled "Haii guys"

    6 years agoReply

    Happy New Year to everyone and their cat :3 Y'all are my movellas homies and though we may not speak I enjoy your mumbles, your fumbles, your amazing writing skills, your weirdness, stalking your pro when I'm bored and just anything and everything about y'all. Somehow you manage to make me smile and well...I love you more than my stupid brain can process.


    (Nicole you are like the dimples on Harry's beautiful face i can't even x )

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    6 years ago
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    Merry New Year!! Jk jk jk. Happy New Years everybody!
    6 years ago
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    thank youuuu :]
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    Thank you and same to you xx
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