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A reader of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.
Author of the Wicked Thrones series. A coffee drinker by day, tea by night.
Most of my works will have a Happy Ever After (HEA) because I strongly believe in them. My dark haired, squared jaw prince is probably on a motorcycle somewhere.
Currently reading: a shapeshifter in love with a sword-wielding woman with her own secret. Plus vampires.

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    Oliver walked into the infirmary and stopped. Seraphina was lying on her side, her right hand now bandaged and tucked beside her head. Her gaze on Marissa, who was curled up beside her and fast asleep. She stroked her daughter's hair. He walked over to her and saw that his wife was barley keeping it together. Tears sparkled in her eyes. A sniff escaped her.


    The sight of her like this tore at his heart. He knew exactly what she was thinking. It was meant for Marissa. Angels' telepathic abilities were painful when used on a demon. On a young demon...the thought was unbearable. Oliver felt sick to his stomach.

    "She tried to kill my baby."
    Seraphina's voice cracked. She squeezed her eyes closed as tears slid down. Her hand covered her face as she let out a sob.

    "Who does that? Haven't I suffered enough."

    "Love I...." He wrapped his arms around her. "I don't know but I will find them and they will pay for this. Dearly."
    She buried her head into his chest, crying. He held her, aware his own eyes were becoming glass-like.

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    mumbled "Descend into Darkness part 1-sneak peek "

    Brenna averted her gaze as the King walked by, not wanting him to see her fear. She shifted the towels to her right arm. Hidden in-between the layers was the object that guaranteed her salvation from the disease raging through her body. Already, signs of it were showing. Bruises marred her skin, refusing to fade into their yellowish brown hue. Numbness had set in. It was becoming painful to move her fingers.

    Walking into the main bedroom, she set the towels down and began her usual routine. Making the bed and placing clothes in the laundry bag. She placed the towels in the bathroom and retrieved the object. Doubt was setting in as she held it in her hands.

    “It is just a trinket for the young princess. Give it to her and I’ll give you the cure.”

    Brenna was startled to see the princess standing there. Marissa was nearly two and like most young demons, she could now hold conversations. Dark mahogany curls brushed her chubby cheeks. She rocked back on her heels, smiling at the house-keeper. “What is that?” she asked, her blue-eyed gaze on the object in Brenna’s hands.

    “A gift, your Highness.” She held it out to Marissa. “For you.”
    Brenna froze, hearing a familiar female voice call the princess’s name.

    “Mommy, look.”

    Marissa skidded to a halt beside her mother, who stood in the living area. She held up a doll. It had black button eyes, blonde hair and was wearing a silver dress. Several white feathers were attached to its back. Seraphina frowned, taking the doll. It looked like an angel. She opened her mouth to speak when its eyes began to glow silver. Pain sliced through her palm, blood trickled through her fingers. Marissa let out a whimper.
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    I want to read this hurry finish it
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    mumbled "Awaken-sneak peek "

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    A scream jolted Marissa awake. She scrambled out of bed and ran to her sister’s room. Adrienne was sitting up in bed, screaming. Her mother ran past her followed quickly by their father. Her sister clung to Seraphina trembling with fear. She held her daughter as Marissa stood next to Oliver, he placed a hand on her shoulder.

    Concerned for her sister, she asked, “What’s wrong?”
    Adrienne wide-eyed with fear looked up. “Bad man…he is after me.”
    Her sister shook her head. “Don’t know. He was chasing me over rocks. They kept breaking when I stepped on them. There was lava under them. It…it hurt,” her voice becoming quiet and laced with pain.

    Oliver ripped back the covers and Marissa clasped a hand to her mouth. His jaw clenched with anger. Seraphina stared at them, horrified. Red, angry blisters on her daughter's ankles. Adrienne began to cry, burying her head against her mother.
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    Wow this would be an excelent book
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    Seraphina was curled up on the window ledge. Her head rested against the glass. One hand on her stomach. His beautiful wife, who he had put in danger. Again and again. Guilt berated him. The memory of her dying in his arms surfaced. Her blood glistening on his hands as he begged her to stay with him. She was safe until he came along. He sat on their bed. Scared to know the answer but he needed to ask. Squeezing his eyes closed, it hurt to speak the words.

    "Do you regret it?"

    Seraphina looked up, Alarmed by the sight of tears on his cheeks. "Regret what? Oliver!"

    "Meeting me."

    She uncurled herself from the window ledge and walked over to him. Sitting down, she placed a hand on his cheek.

    "No. I love you. This is my life, I always will face dangers because of my legacy." She took his hand, lacing their fingers together. "But now, I have someone by my side."
    "I love you."
    By her side, he would stay always. It was just a shame other forces were beginning to awaken.
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    This is insane I love your writing!!!!
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    Thank you for the kind comment
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    it is very true
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    Abandoned and falling apart. Piles of rocks and twisted metal. A chill ran down her spine. This was not place children should go but she was curious. Or some would say stubborn. Doors of metal, many were broken, a few still intact. Sadness clung to the place as did something more potent. Madness. The sound of footsteps startled her. She spun around, heart beating faster. Relief washed over her.
    Seraphina grabbed her youngest into her arms. "You shouldn't be here. It isn't safe."
    She lifted one hand up. A cut sliced through her palm. Blood trickled down. She hugged her daughter tighter.
    Eerie and silent. But screams once echoed off the walls. It should be a myth. It shouldn't exist.
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