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Hi my name is Hayley I am 16 years old!
Anything Disney is for me. My life time ambition is to go to all the Disney parks in the world!
I play the piano
I LOVE anime and manga
I love to read and write my own stories
I make my own music
I love pastel colours but I love the colour red!
I love making new friends, although I get shy sometimes.
I love animals but my favourites are wolves and foxes.
I love pancakes and Nutella yum yum
I love anything fluffy
I am in year 11 or 10th grade (for the people who's school goes by grades not years) and am studying for my GCSE's and want to go to 6th form to study journalism or music.

  • Galaxy_Kitty
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    could you make me a book cover please
    The title is Trapped in my Chains and it is about a young girl who becomes a werewolf after moving to Australia.
    I would be very grateful if you can
    Lily Anna's Covers
    Lily Anna's Covers
    Well the title is pretty self explanatory... This is a cover store! All covers are made using photos or graphics under the CC0 license (i.e. copyright free/public domain stuff) or are my own ( in that...
    Lily Anna
    2 years ago
    Okay, will do this as soon as I can :)
    Lily Anna
    2 years ago
    @[Galaxy-Kitty] your cover request is completed. :)
    Lily Anna
    2 years ago
    @[Galaxy_Kitty] whoops the tag didn't work properly
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