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  • HayesxForever
    Could you maybe update? That wasn't really even a chapter :(
    Hayes and Christina..Forever
    Hayes and Christin...
    Christina met Hayes two years ago in New Jersey. They have been inseparable ever since. Hayes really likes Christina as more than a friend. He wants to tell her, but doesn't have the courage to. Will he...
    Kaitlyn Christina
    I can't!! I lost that account!! Bit I will try
    Kaitlyn Christina
    This is my new account!! I am making fan fictions
  • HayesxForever
    This is so cute and awesome....I have a great idea....UPDATE �� LOL pretty please xD
    Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes
    my friend showed me his videos. there just stupid 6 second videos . there crazy, he's Crazy. somehow does blue eyes make any fool fall for him. somehow it didn't work on me. Yet.
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