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I'm back.

  • mack
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    Hey I see that you still get on. What's up?
    4 years ago
    Oh hey,
    yeah I get on at times.
    Not much really, i've just been busy with dance and school, and projects.
    (sorry for the late reply, as I said I've been busy)
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    name: harrison agnes
    age: 16
    house: gryffindor
    wand: phenix
    sports: quidditch - goal keeper

    hair color: bleach blonde
    skin: neutral
    eye color/shape: round grey eyes
    fashion: classy
    smartness: 8
    friends: Cara Summers, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Luna, and the rest of Gryffindor
    sign: Aries
    popularity: 10
    talents: sports
    personality: easy going, likes everything simple, the person that is always calm in rough situations
    backstory: Lived a normal life and doesn't have any family problems what so ever. Just a normal person that lived a happy life.
    Welcome to Hogwarts! I hope you enjoy your time of learning in our school. We provide wonderful teachers who are willing to teach and make sure you get the best education there is for you to reach your...
    4 years ago
    yay! you joined! now we just need shay!!!! ... the other one....

    omg this is awesome!

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    Name: Jake Berling
    Age: 16
    Height: 6'3''
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Siblings: A little sister named Laura Berling.
    Weapon of Choice: Combat
    District: 12
    Personality: Outgoing, adventurous, cunning
    Backstory: Grew up living with a normal family that's struggling like the rest of the district and took care of his sick mom.
    Gender: Male
    Detailed Appearance: messy mid-length hair (average hair length), but has straight bangs. skinny with a little muscle because there's no fat. always wearing ashy t-shirts from the coal mines and cargo pants with combat boots.

    Tribute (did NOT volunteer)
    Virtual Hunger Games
    Virtual Hunger Gam...
    Ok, so I tried one of these before and I sorta kinda gave up on it XD SO LETS TRY IT AGAIN! Just fill out the form in the SECOND chapter (the first is so you can see which districts are taken) WOOHOO!

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