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Lukas was here. ✗
He still is. ✓

ღ Movellys-winner in ‘Årets Movellist 2017,’ ‘Årets Forfatter (Klassisk Fiktion) 2017’ & ‘Årets Movella (Klassisk Fiktion) 2017’ w. ‘Elektrisk Blå Årer’

I started writing about myself, but I realized that if you want to know anything about me – or ask a question about Movellas? – then you can just contact me on the site or on...
✈︎ ... Gmail?:
❀ ... Goodreads?: lukasic
✈︎ ... Twitter?: lukas_is_me
❀ ... Snapchat?: resilience_btf
Have a good, memorable day! B)

Btw. you have to know that I'm a tv-show-obsessed nerd, and How to Get Away with Murder, iZombie, Mr. Robot, The Act and The Good Place are my still-running favourites at the moment. You are now warned. Slide carefully down my profile and find ‘kinky’ tv-show stuff. *wink wink*

☀︎ Currently writing
‘Elektrisk Blå Årer’ psychological thriller/drama/mystery
‘13.24’ comedy/drama/screenplay
‘Spændkraft - rewrite’ supernatural/drama/romance
‘Venskab’/‘Friendship’ drama/mystery/whodunnit

☀︎ Currently reading
‘The Anatomy of‘... oh, you don't care anyway

Happy August, ingels! ☮︎