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Hey oh ! I hope that you stumbled across my page because you were/are reading my fanfic, but if not that's cool
Sooooooooo I'm not good at doing this at all soo yah please maybe check out my story if not I'm cool with it.

Just a cut.
Just a scratch.
"What's that mark?"
"It's just the cat."
Just an excuse.
Just a lie.
"What's with all the bracelet's?"
"Just fashion, why?"
Just a tear.
Just a scream.
"Why were you crying?"
"It was just a bad dream"
But it's not just another cut, tear, or lie.
It's always "just one more..." until you die

~ι'м αи σffι¢ιαℓ мυѕι¢ иσтє~
verιғιed вy ѕαℓℓу ʝαиє

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    mumbled "Trailer"

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    Heyo ! It's been a while sorry. Thank you to those of you who are reading my books ! I really appreciate it. Any who, I have posted a trailer for Keep Trying. YAAAAAAY ! My best friend made it, and I hope you all like it. Link below.
    Okay byeeeeee :)

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    Hey can I get a review on mine ?
    Movellas Reviews
    Movellas Reviews
    This is a One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Movellas Review only! Also note that I will not sugarcoat my review. If you do not deal with criticism well, please do no request for a review, thank you!...
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    I'll get to you when I can.
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