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지민 은 다 배 입니다지민 은 다 배 입니다지민 은 다 배 입니다지민 은 다 배 입니다지민 은 다 배 입니다지민 은 다 배 입니다지민 은 다 배 입니다지민 은 다 배 입니다

  • 지민 은 다 배 입니다
    Beanie said that you'd appreciate my name. :3
    비니 콩
    5 years ago
    She used google translate for 'Jimin is bae'
    But you translate it to English using google translate... 'Jimin is a fold'
    I'm still working on my Korean. XD
    Chloe McCormick
    5 years ago
    Ahh I see xD I was confused for a little - I'm working on Korean too and see the syllable 'bae' in a few words so thought you were saying something else xD, eg, 'sunbae' or whatever else

    The imnida part would be said if you were jimin himself, if he were calling himself a Bae hahaha xD I think, don't quote me on that ��

    It's so great seeing these Korean usernames around though! I would change mines to Korean letters if I thought people would be able to tag me, but yknow haha
    Chloe McCormick
    5 years ago
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    Okay so this was bugging me and turns out I'm speaking crap xD imnida is right hahaha scratch everything I said before

    Move on, nothing to see here >.> hhahaa xD
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