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So You decided to check my page. If you click that back button, I don't care! If you need an idea, I currently have 35 of them in my drafts!
I'm an ambassador as the badge indicates, and that means I can answer your questions, give some cc on your stories, or in general, help everyone!

  • Kaylie Berkley
    Title: It Hurts
    Author(s): Kaylie Berkley
    Ideas: A girl crying, and a boy standing behind her
    Quote: It Hurts To Be Bullied
    Blurb: When Lucy started to hang out with her boyfriend's friends, she thought that they would be nice and accept her. She starts to get bullied, first verbally, then physically. She hopes her boyfriend Carter will do something, but he just stands behind them, having sympathy in his eyes, but not doing anything.
    Topic's Cover Store -OPEN-
    Topic's Cover Stor...
    Ok. Im new at this but I hope I can help and make some good covers for you. Just fill in the form on the first chapter for a cover.
    T.W.S Shadownight📖
    Ill work on it tonight :)
    Kaylie Berkley
    6 years ago
    Thank you
  • Kaylie Berkley
    I did this to my friend.
    Hannah: Hey is this Shannon?
    Me: No, it's Patrick.
    Hannah: Shannon that's not funny.
    Me: I'm Patrick!
    Hannah: fine. Where's Shannon, Patrick?
    Me: upstairs. Do you want me to get her?
    Then she stopped texting me....
    Funny Texts!
    Funny Texts!
    Here Is A Little Tour, About The Most Mind-Boggling, And Laughable Text Messages On The Planet!!! Take a Look, If You Dare :D P.S: Be Sure To Glue Your Butt To Your Seat, For These Jokes Would Cause...
    lolly sisters
    6 years ago
    Wow. I would totally do that! :)
    Kaylie Berkley
    6 years ago
    It was hilarious
    6 years ago
    LOL <3
  • Kaylie Berkley
    Could I have an ad for my new story? It's called The Knife and it's a horror story
    Movellas Monthly Magazine
    Movellas Monthly...
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    6 years ago
    Yup! Adding it now!
  • Kaylie Berkley
    - Title of Book
    The Knife
    - Author name (only if wanted)
    Kaylie Berkley
    - Any co-authors
    - Any possible ideas (optional)
    A girl crying with a ghost behind her?
    - Summary of story:
    Thalia is accused of killing her sister. She claims she's innocent, and she says she has a witness of who actually killed her sister. That is, if her witness was alive.
    Could this quote be on the cover?
    I see things nobody else sees
    Sky's Covers
    Sky's Covers
    graphic design | book covers | blog banners \\ Chrissy Sky © 2018 \\ all photographs used are under the CC0 license (copyright free).
    Chrissy Sky
    6 years ago
    One cover coming right up :D
    Chrissy Sky
    6 years ago
    Tis done :)
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