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  • Jade Wolffe

    mumbled "Wattpad?"

    7 hours agoReply
    Does anyone use that? I have an account on there I don't use anymore but I can't remember the info to it so I made a new account and I'm thinking of putting some stuff up on there for the time while I don't have a computer because I can put stuff on there from the phone app. I feel like I'm not going to get many reads using it and I much prefer movellas.
    Rain :)
    6 hours ago
    Not I said the little red hen!
    2 hours ago
    I have one
  • Jade Wolffe
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    This is so awesome! It's refreshing. It's unique. I have a story that is about deforestation but not cli-fi itself, I don't think. But, it's been published already so it is already out of the competition but it does get my brain working. It's something going on in this world besides politics and murder and other negative things that are hugely talkd about - but, not this. Thank you for posting this!
  • Jade Wolffe

    mumbled "Horrible news"

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    I have a lot going on personally so I haven't been on much. I mentioned maybe quitting writing on here. Well. I went to type last night - but my computer broke somehow due to no one's fault. No one touched my computer. So. I have no way to type since posting or even editing and saving on the phone online doesn't work and I have an Android so it's not app compatible. So, idk when I'll be around.
    1 days ago
    My cellphone used to login me out I don’t think it does it anymore.
    1 days ago
    Nvm it’s still dosed it is so annoying ):
    Jade Wolffe
    20 minutes ago
    Mine never logs me out as opposed to the computer usually does
  • Jade Wolffe
    2 weeks agoReply
    Holy smokes! Your descriptions! They're poetry! I like this it's so fantastic. I like the way you've written it, the style you've used. I can't wait for more! I've been wanting to do an assassin story and it would never measured up and it isn't like yours so it wouldn't be copying but I'm so hesitant now because yours is amazing!
    The Summer of Monsters
    The Summer of Mons...
    Tane North has done terrible things. Three years ago, she killed her father in self defense and was found tramaitized and bloodied by a man known only as Sable. Now sixteen years old, Tane is a teenager...
    Ray Lidstone
    1 weeks ago
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    Thank you so so much! Definitely don’t be hesitant, you’re an amazing writer and I would love to read it!! :)
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