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J.C. Bell began writing at a young age. His first short story, Peter and Poon, was a disgusting, offensive, pornographic piece of filth. Unfortunately, his English teacher had no knowledge of its content and read it (thankfully, only the first paragraph) in front of J.C. Bell’s sixth grade English class. Peter and Poon gained immediate attention from the Middle School Principle, various faculty members, and of course, J.C. Bell’s parents. Despite J.C.’s growing popularity among his fellow students, Peter and Poon was a disaster.
Remarkably, J.C. Bell’s English teacher managed to set his anger and humiliation aside. And through the ordeal, he somehow taught J.C. to respect reading and writing. After finishing the first two books of his required after school reading, that respect became love.
Hundreds of novels later, and that love continues to grow.
Some would even argue that, since Peter and Poon, J.C. Bell's writing has somewhat improved.

New "Into the Rift" chapter

by , Sunday April 2, 2017

He gasped as his head arose.  The scent of rot filled his lungs, the taste of it lingered on his tongue.  He waited for the slime to drip down his face and then opened his eyes, finding the waves crashing together, endlessly and in all directions.  He saw no walls, only a sky glowing eerily blue and an ocean of blood and shit.  Everywhere he looked he saw the shadowy threads; tubes writhing in the distance, plunging in and out of the water.

He took the foul air in – along with a healthy drink of the reeking mire – just as another wave came crashing over him.  

Gagging, he was dragged under once more.  

Please check out my latest chapter to "Into the Rift".  I look forward to any comments you may have.


J.C. Bell

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  • J.C. Bell
    3 years agoReply
    Loved the intro, so dark, romantic; a truly well-crafted hook. Can't wait to get deeper into the plot and see how all this betrayal and hatred brought this young mermaid to ruin.
    Keep up the good work,
    J.C. Bell
    I belong to the sea. (Amazing cover by BLVEICE)
    Bach Again
    3 years ago
    Thanks, buddy! I'll get to you as soon as I can!
  • J.C. Bell
    3 years agoReply
    Oh boy . . . maybe it's because I'm not a teenage girl but I had a hard time keeping up. Nothing wrong with the writing, it's creative, playful and imaginative. I just feel kind of creepy reading it, like I'm spying on someone's private conversation. Maybe that's a good thing on your part . . . You're such a good writer you fooled me into thinking this was a genuine chat.
    That being said, good work.
    J.C. Bell
    Hannah has a pen pal Lachlan and she wants to get to know him better
    3 years ago
    Thank you!!!!!!!!
  • J.C. Bell
    3 years agoReply
    So, sure there are some changes in tense, odd phrases and grammatical issues, but hell, the boy's a frick'n pirate . . . I can't imagine he has the vernacular of an English professor. This is a first person narrative after all. To be honest, I would like you to butcher it even more. Look at this as a hall pass to bastardize the English language as much as you damn well please. I'm not suggesting he says 'Rrrr' constantly but get creative with it. I'm reminded of the early days of Jack Sparrow and the way he stuck out mainly through his unique take on language.
    I guess my main advice would be to cram in all manner of poor grammar, blow the whole thing up and then see what survives.
    Good luck, and good read.
    J.C. Bell
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