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Justin Drew Bieber
My name's (mystery) and I've just recently started to write last year (2013). I'm a girl with plenty of ideas in my head just waiting to explode onto paper (or in this case the computer screen)
Read My first Movella "Jean Harper" I'm sure you'll like it especially if you're into the whole 'hot' romance type theme.
And If you are also a Belieber I apologize for not making it about Justin, you can still pretend that his name's Justin though!
Love you all lots, it would be much appreciated if you read it!

BELIEBERS GO HARD! (promote me and make yourself a fan! I'll be sure to return the favor I promise!!)


On the other hand I try to update every 2 to 3 days, if I don't I apologize, I do have a lot of exams seeing my school is literally all about exams -_-
But anyway I hope you enjoy my movella(s) and that you continue reading it/them!
I love all of you writers and if you would ever like me to check your movella out let me know and I will no doubt about it :) xxx

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    Wow, I have completely disappeared, I've been so cooped up with exams, summer, holidays, family, one thing after another, it's been all a busy few months, phew, BUT I'M BACK NOW :DD
    hope the readers that read my story enjoyed it, cause I've a heap of chapters coming, GET READY
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    I'M TURNING MY STORY INTO A YOUTUBE SERIE, not quite sure when it'll be out or when we'll even start recording but i'll let you all know about it, I'll still write the chapters but each chapter will be accompanied by a serie just for fun :)
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    Go read chapter 2 of my movella 'Jean Harper' you'll love it! If you've read chapter one then this chapter exposes Nathan's personality quite a bit and starts off what, right now, I would call 'relationship' but it's something along those lines. It also shows how much Jean values herself. WARNING 16+
    Go read it! You won't regret it! If you haven't read my movella before thenI recommend you do if you're into 'hot romance'
    It'd mean a lot if you read it and left a comment on how it could be better or how much you liked it (If you did, if you didn't then tell me through constructive advice please, no hate) and maybe even how you would like the next chapter to unfold, let me know what you think :) xx
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    I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS TO READ IT! Not much happens in this chapter, but it basically builds on the relationship of Jean and Nathan, it's the beginning of 'something' Go and read it, You'll love it! But be aware there is a scene for 16+
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    Before I update make sure that you've read chapter 1 of 'Jean Harper' (my movella) because if not then chapter 2 won't make any sense, and if you've already read it, re-read it, love you all :*
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