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*I didn't know you could read*
(I live for Draco ♥)
(I see Potterheads.. bad word play but oh well)
*And you call yourself our mother*
(Fred and George ♥ - Oh Fred, why did you have to die?)
Half of my favorite HP charas died.. thanks J.K.Rowling!
(Bellatrix, you-know-who, Snape and Fred)
I ship:
Dramione, Voldytrix, Romione, Drarry, Hinny, and Nuna ♥.
I sincerely and truly love all of my supporters.

Please help me (Cover Poll)

by , Tuesday October 11, 2016
 Please help me (Cover Poll)

Cover Poll

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  • IShipDramione
    I really enjoyed reading this, although I have two questions :).
    1) Did Lucius and Narcissa attend the wedding?
    2) Why didn't Hermione want to sleep with Draco? Wouldn't that make it easier once the baby is there? To think back to a passionate night instead of not remembering a thing?
    The Marriage Law
    The Marriage Law
    *Dramione The war is over. Everyone expects that they'll be able to continue with their lives. Live normal lives. However, that proves, of course, to not be the case. The Wizarding Population has...
  • IShipDramione

    mumbled "Merry Christmas to all."

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your families in piece and quiet, without fighting. Enjoy the food, the company, the time and also have fun. Enjoy yourselves!
  • IShipDramione

    mumbled "DONE!"

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    I have finally finished my first fanfic after working on it for two years.
    - Of course there were times of writers block. -
    It's done and dusted and sequel in the making. I'm so proud of myself.
    4 years ago
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    THank you :)
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