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I see you clicked the full summary ;)
It seems you have just displayed stalkerish tendencies.
You should really have that checked out :P

But anyway....

People have me on they're profile :) I'll have them.


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You should really hit close now...
Seriously though...
There is nothing left for you here XD

  • Jack Wordsmi⊥н

    mumbled "Confessions "

    I feel I owe everyone an explanation. My very own confession if you will.

    For those of you that know me, hello... It's been a while. And for those of you that don't? Hi.

    I basically came back here to let everyone know that I am okay. To say I'm fine would be telling a lie.
    Just know that I missed all of you dearly, there aren't words to describe how much I missed this safe haven. I've been gone for months now and I'm only just beginning to feel like myself.
    You see, I found myself in a very dark place, darker than I've ever been and instead of seeking help I sunk myself deeper in solidarity to the point where I saw no return. I failed myself in so many ways that I wanted an escape and sadly there was only one I could see.
    I don't wish to alarm you, I assure you I am fine now but I do ask for your forgiveness... I realize now that I failed my friends more than I failed myself.
    I'm sorry for disappearing, and I'm sorry for disappointing you. Trust me it was never my intention.
    I thought of coming back sooner but the thought of facing everyone was a bit too much for me to handle.
    I promise I'll be better.
    4 years ago
    These things happen, what matters is your ok and you try to be as happy as you can be. (I know that's better said than done) but from all your friends (and the random peeps who love your stories) it's ok, take all the time you need :)
    Jellyfam Jordan
    4 years ago
    turtles and koalas

    i know it is a sad thing but come on someone needed to make a joke here and i did it.
    welcome back Jack
    Hanadi wordsmith
    4 years ago
    I miss u I hope your okay
  • Jack Wordsmi⊥н
    @[Madouc] thank you so much :) it's beautiful. I loved it
    The Movellas Gift Exchange 2015
    The Movellas Gift...
    Read the first chapter for details. If you're participating I'd highly recommend favouriting this movella so you can be updated, otherwise it will be difficult to contact everyone individually. :) [liking...
    5 years ago
    You're very welcome! Merry Xmas! XD

  • Jack Wordsmi⊥н

    mumbled "Many thanks <3"

    I know this is a time to be grateful, so I want to let you all know that I cherish you all.
    Thank you for being a part of my life and having such a positive impact on it. Because the world
    is a dark place, as we've seen in the past few months :(
    But when I come online, I feel like I've discovered that there are a few rays of sunshine left.

    So this a thank you to all of those who go out of their way to make us all smile, even when they are trying to find a reason to smile themselves. I love you, you are amazing.

    Happy Holidays <3
    Asteria Grace
    5 years ago
    *sniffle* I'm not crying, you're crying. XD We love you too Jacky :) <3
    Lexi Wordsmith
    5 years ago
    Truth ^^
    Jack Wordsmi⊥н
    haha aww you guys are awesome :)
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