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I am a long time Information Technology Major, and a former Navy Protected Veteran but I have a strong love and passion for writing, also an avid reader with a very large collection of books. I have many influences through the years (Pro Authors) and those influences have kept me writing and strong in literature for over 20 years. I have completed over fifty short stories, three novellas, two serials to my credit and dozens of articles. Most of my writing began for the High School and College Newspapers. It was a hobby at first but the fun and passion started in college where I found a small following of fans who believed in me...

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    mumbled "welp its official... "

    I go under the knife for my left arm for surgery October 16th to fix the nephropathy of the ulnar for paralysis and numbness. so i will be out about 3 weeks after it is done. hope to heal quickly and get back here. will kinda suck to not be able to write for that long... cant type one handed hates hunting and pecking method... Being a former I.T guy i pride myself of 52 wpm at 98% accuracy... this is going to suck getting that wpm back up after i heal... ;-)
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    mumbled "Redemptions and Second Chances"

    The finished version of Redemption and Second Chances of changing time, traversing time and space for someone you love the most. Who you would give up even an existence to change the world for them.

    Inspired by the Book: "Imzadi" By Peter David (not a sequel or short related but the concept)...

    It uses a non-fiction timeline of REAL events and also semi-fictional and fully fictional events, in a sci-fi based format.
    Rain :)
    2 days ago
    This is totally, well, kind of unrelated to your mumble, but have you heard back from the magazine that you submitted Return of Narnia to?
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    the mail bounced and the other one rejected it.. not the kind of content they are looking for... but i have a few others i am preparing it for...
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    the picture used is the young woman this is written for, who i lost three and a half almost four decades ago... a mistake that i have lived with for a looong time. Her names is Emily Montgomery-Fetters and she is just as beautiful now than when I met her. ;-) an inspiration for the story.

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    mumbled "submitted return of Narnia to a magazine "

    going to give it a go and see if they are interested. It's a sequel to the last battle the last book in his chronicles... what the hell, might as well take a shot. (being a short)

    wish me luck... also is another writing site and it has links to publishers. fyi.... not trying to steal people from here, just a source for those SERIOUS about publishing. food for thought to help my fellow writers who are beginning.
    Rain :)
    1 weeks ago
    That's awesome! I hope they accept. Good luck. ♡
    1 weeks ago
    Good Luck!
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    Hrml... Okay... i am not familiar with the material related to this... so i can't give a proper bit of feedback... I thought it was quite good, despite my unfamiliarity with the Fan Fiction this is related to... Mea Culpa for that...

    (Overall impression: )
    It kinda / sorta reminds me though of "Keeping up with the Kardashians " TV SHOW -- but for Korean TV...

    It is a little confusing at first... -- thank god for the Prologue to help keep the characters straight. Once you get them down tho its very free flowing... easy to follow.

    it would make for a GREAT TV its own right... (A soap opera or Reality Show on TV)

    Just asking though... with no offense. looking at your chapters are you writing a story or is this a screenplay...? I guess i need new glasses, I thought i saw text font changes... kinda threw me there. (Is pretty old and i am not young anymore... i beg yer pardon for having bad eyes...)

    looking forward to chapter 8... and i will familiarize myself with the Fan fiction... it might help... ;-)
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    Jackson Wang from GOT7. Park Jimin from BTS. Kai from EXO. A pretty and wealthy girl, Erika, who is born in America and raised in LA. She got adopted by a wealthy family when she was little, but she's...
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    I'm sorry for change font or everything that effect your eye, but your question is good. To be honest, I don't know, but I was hoping that it will be a story unless I got to finish this one first! Thank you for your honesty, and I'm delighted that you like it. :D
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