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I am a professional writer
To people who are far from the creative professions, sometimes it seems that writers live some kind of special life, completely different from the life of an ordinary person. This is not the case at the same time.
The life of a writer differs little from the daily life of a worker, a manager, or a policeman. The same efforts on how to distribute available money for everyday needs, what to carve out for entertainment ... And even if suddenly a writer becomes rich, money is rarely the result of literary work, and, as a rule, is connected with another, and, as a rule, far from creative work. So, even with such a happy set of circumstances, the author will live in the same way as all other people who have attained a certain wealth.
But, at the same time, the life of a writer is a constant desire to grab as much time as possible from everyday worries and let him work on it. This is a constant search for some new experiences and impressions that will be embodied in the works.

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