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Oh, schist, you actually found me! Well, first thing you need to know is music. The rest will soon follow.

I love Linkin Park, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Bring Me the Horizon, Paramore, Of Mice&Men, and many other rock artists. BUT I also love Lady Gaga, The Glitch Mob, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, Coldplay and a few other other non-rock artists. Also, Disney.

I know my username is a mouthful, so just call me Sky :)

I have the best BFF and soul sister ever <3

I have depression and anxiety, and I will win my war.

I make all of my own covers! I am a graphic design student :)

Hello Poetry - Sky
Wattpad - TheLPSoldier


Markiplier is LIFE, Markiplier is LOVE

I am not a 1Directioner.
I am an LP Soldier.

Scorpio - Hufflepuff - INFP

World Suicide Prevention Day

by , Sunday September 10, 2017
World Suicide Prevention Day
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Today we bring attention to the silent illness, the hidden killer, the misguided ghosts. Today we hug our loved ones and remind them that they are loved, they do belong here, and that we would miss them greatly if they left. Today we remember the people we lost to depression, the people who felt so hopeless, so lost, that they decided there was no reason to live, because every day would just be another battle.....

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    New story! The content is a little bit different for me, but I had a lot of fun writing this! Enjoy!
    Finding Our PawsArden and Marie aren't very happy with their lives, but when they save a mysterious woman from drowning, she offers them something that will change their...
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    Oops, I started another new story.
    Under Spring‘Flowers are for the dead’, ‘least that’s what the mortals say. -Daniella Michalleni Dahlia has finally moved away from her overprotective mother...
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