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I freakin LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! and I love writing. So take the time to read my stories. I do take requests for the 1D imagines just leave your name and the member who you want to hook up and LET ME BE CREATIVE! also, I accept any form of critism for my FANFICS!
please feel free to contact me for anything! I love my fans!! And I love these stories.
My Instagram: Kidflashx
(plz follow my bff: 1Dfanfics17)
Email: helenvital@rocketmail.com
Facebook me? Helen Vital
I do read whatever you guys want me too. I appreciate all of you and just have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    mumbled "New Movella???!!!! Or not?"

    Hey! I'm going to make a new movella about Niall?? But I need a girl's name! ASAP! Also planning to make a Taylor Lautner ONE!!!!!!!! so Ima need another girl name! Comment your name and why you wanna be that special girl!
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    mumbled "Hey Directioners!!!! LOOK ;D"

    Hey! I want awesome people who LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! To read My newest MOVELLA-------GEEK-CHIC MARCEL! Its about Harry becoming Marcel for this girl HE REALLY REALLY LIKES!! Kinda like Hannah Montana :) But more 1D
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    mumbled "Read It and Weep"

    LOL DONT WEEP!!!Guys plz read Tyler Posey!!!! My co-auother wrote it! And I love it and I think other ppl should get to read her AMAZING WORK!!!! Sarhi883 is a natural at writing just read TYLER POSEY AND AGREE WITH ME! and check out Geek Chic Marcel :)
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    mumbled "Why doesn't it show my Dirty 1D imagines!?"

    Seriously? I don't see it on my Page??!! Someone's trippin'
    Anyway.........While I'm panicking.
    You can go comment on my new Movella Tyler Posey!!!!
    Tell meh wat you want to happen!!! I'll go find my Dirty 1D imagines before my trip :)
    6 years ago
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    They aren't allowed on movellas. Sorry. No movella may exist solely for sexual content especially ones that involve minors.
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    mumbled "Dirty Imagines"

    Hello! Um....fans of my Dirt 1D imagines, I'm sorry but you will have to wait until I could get on your stories. I'm kinda going to be traveling to visit my family in Spain!!!!!!
    But I will be writing your stories on paper so when I come back I'll have your stories.