Sticky Situation


1. New chapter

“Sarah, I dare you to try and fit inside that hole in the floor.” My friend Cammie said to me as we played truth or dare in her treehouse. The look of my two best friends faces told me that there was no backing out of it. I turned my back to cammie and Lauren staring at the hole in the floor. It’s about two feet wide and I have no idea if I will fit through and if I do, I might fall to the ground breaking something. As I stare at my dare I slowly shrink to the floor placing my socked feet first. I place my hands on the side of the hole and lower myself into it. I actually fit, but once I tried to get out, I couldn’t move.

“Hey guys, I think I’m stuck. I can’t move.”

As I struggle to get free, cammie and Lauren just laugh at my predicament. I tried everything, but my hips wouldn’t come back up and my breasts wouldn’t go down. I hear Lauren and Cammie start to fade away and realize they left me to go get some more snacks inside.

“Hey, seriously! You can’t just leave me up here all alone!”

I tried to call to them, but they couldn’t hear me. I swung there, resting my arms on the floorboard and I hear the leaves start to ruffle meaning that the girls finally came back. They were very quick and when they didn’t come up the treehouse I no longer thought it was them. This person stood right under me as I could feel his warmth on my bare legs.

“Well, you got yourself into quite a predicament.”

“Umm, yeah I did. Who are you?”

“If I told you it wouldn’t be as much fun would it.”

“What wouldn’t be as much fun?”

I start to get nervous when he doesn’t respond but I can feel his hand grab my ankle. He doesn’t do anything yet until his finger runs up my foot sending a shock right through my body. That’s when I start to squirm and try to get free again.

“Ah, so the nameless feet are ticklish!”

He slowly starts to drag his fingers up my foot and I try so hard to not burst out laughing it eats me alive. My face turns beat red and I don’t know if I can keep it in for much longer. The longer I hold it in, he will just get tired and stop. Right? Wrong. He keeps going and spiders all five fingers on my feet and I lose it, laughing and banging my hands on the floorboard.


“She finally laughs. I was just about to give up on these pretty feet of yours. Now I think I’ll continue.”

My feet are super ticklish and I have never been tickled like this before. All I can think of is his fingers all over my feet as he pulls back my toes and wiggles them all over. Over the sound of my laughter, I can hear the front door slam and assume that my friends are coming back.

“Well I guess that’s my cue to skurt out of here. I hope to find you again my lady.”

He stops the tickle torture and runs away. I lie there breathless as Lauren and Cammie come back with popcorn, candy and a bottle of vegetable oil.

“Geez, you look like you just ran a mile. What happened while we were gone?” Lauren said.

Do I really want to tell them what just happened? If I do then there are a few options. They will take advantage of me and do the same thing, go chase after this guy who took advantage of my situation, or do both.

“I just tried really hard to get out of here with no luck. That's all.”

They looked at each other and I’m guessing they bought it because they started pouring the vegetable oil around my sides to slip me out. I pushed on the floor as they pulled me up and I was finally free and covered in oil.

“Let’s watch a movie and eat all this food we got!” Cammie said as she ran to the beanbags in front of the tv. Lauren followed right after and I lied on the floor thinking over everything that really just happened. Ok, so I was stuck inside a hole and a strange man sounding younger approached my feet and started tickling me like I was his best friend. I don’t know who he is and I don’t think he knows who I was. Lauren and Cammie laugh at the movie and I can’t help but think about this boy. I don’t know if it’s the fact of a strange boy tickling me or the fact that I want to know who he is because he was actually really good at it.

The next morning came and I wake up with Lauren’s hand in my face and on top of Cammie’s stomach. My watch says 7am meaning we have an hour to get to school. I wake up Lauren and Cammie and head inside for pancakes and cinnamon muffins. On my way down the ladder, I see something shiny from the grass under the hole I was in last night. I walk over to grab it and find a key painted with a green and yellow pattern.

“Hey Sarah come on, I want my muffin!”

“Coming!” I shoved the key into my pocket and run after my friends inside for breakfast.

“I’m so looking forward to school today.” Says Lauren.

“Why, you have a big test today? Or is it the day you prepare for the test in class?”

“Shut up, Cammie. Leave her alone.”

“Looks like someone’s still cranky from the hole I guess.” They both laughed at me and we head out to the car to go to school. The day goes by really quick and before I know it lunch is finally over.

My best guy friend meets me by my locker after lunch and is still sweaty from gym class also known as his private soccer practice.

“Afternoon locker neighbor!” Daniel says.

“Daniel do you have to stand so close. You smell like turf and sweaty feet.” He moves closer to me and brushes his air towards me. His smile kills me every time he fools around with me like that and that’s when I run away.

“Fine leave me. I’ll still see you in an hour at my game, right?”

“Right on cadet!”

I run to math class and it buzzes by so quickly and that’s when I run to the game to meet up with Daniel before he hits the field. He was passing the ball with one of his friends and I went up to go wish him luck.

“Hey good luck today D. You’re going to do great.”

He smiles and punches my arm. “Now that you’re here I’m all set. I have to skurt, but I’ll catch you later.”

He runs off to join his team and after their cheer they take the field. I stare at Daniel the whole time loving every moment he played soccer. The first half is over and the score is tied one one and Daniel starts off left forward again. There’s only a few moments til the game is over and Daniel makes the winning shot from a corner kick. He comes running off the field being congratulated by his team and runs to me. He picks me up all sweaty covered in dirt so excited that he won.

“Did you see that! I score the winning goal! It was incredible.”

“It was amazing! I’m so happy for you!”

Daniel went with his team and once everyone was gone we both sat under a tree staring at the empty field lit by the lights.

“This is my favorite part of game day. Sitting here with my best friend and watching the stars in the sky.” Daniel says to me.

He’s so cheesy sometimes. Out of the corner of my eye I see him staring at my socks. The look on his face is frozen.

“Hey what’s up with you?”

“By any chance were you wearing those socks yesterday?”

“Yeah, why?”

He falls back laughing his head off leaving me totally confused.

“Wha… why are you laughing?”

“That was you!? Oh my god I can’t believe this!”

“What? I’m so confused right now.” Daniel just stares into my eyes until I get some kind of idea to what he is talking about. I sudden rush of realization washes over me and my face turns red. I reach into my pocket and grab the key.

“I guess this must be yours then. Why are you so chill with this? I would be so weirded out!”

“Why would I be weirded out? You are my best friend and I never knew you were ticklish and I find out by tickling you when I didn’t even know it was you.”

“Yeah, why did you do it anyway?”

“My friend Ray and I were walking back from the arcade and saw your legs hanging out of the treehouse and he dared me to go do something and I just started tickling your feet. We went home after and laughed about it for a solid twenty minutes.”

“Well I’m glad my pain was entertaining.”

“Aww. Come on I couldn’t have been that bad.”

I turned my back to him and I didn’t want to tell him how good he actually was. He managed to keep me laughing the whole time and hit every ticklish spot on my foot. He places his hands around my waist and I feel what is coming next. I look around and see no one around. We are alone under the tree and his fingers start wiggling into my sides. I burst into a fit of giggles and drop to the floor. I try to squirm away from him, but he comes down with me and with one arm hugs me to keep me close and tickled my stomach with the other.


He stopped tickling me, but pinned my arms over my head and was inches away from my face. For a moment, my heavy breathing was the only sound for miles.

“Tell me something. If you didn’t like it, then why did you never ask for me to stop?”

I had to think about it and why I didn’t ask for him to stop. He just stares into my eyes with his big green ones waiting for my answer. I know the answer but don’t want to tell him.

“Fine, if you won’t talk I’ll just have to do this!”

He digs his fingers into my ribs and tickled every inch of my left side as he holds my arms still above my head with one hand.


He stops again and let’s me breath before I can answer him.

“I never asked you to stop because you were really good at it ok. It was nice to have something that made me that happy.”

I look away to not see his sorrowful eyes and he sits up pulling me into his side to sit. My head lands on his shoulder and we stare out into the empty lit soccer field.

“You could have told me. I would have done anything to make you smile. Now I know how to all the time.”

He looks over at me with that big smile and I place my head on his shoulder.

“I love you Daniel.”

“Love you too Sarah.”

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder bringing me in closer to him as we stare out into the soccer field.

The end

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