Quest For Honey Part Three: Now or Never

Winnie the Pooh and his friends of old and new have had many adventures of saving their homes from the Jagular and his army of Heffalumps and Woozels, but now their enemies are at their most powerful and time is running out. Who will win?


1. In Which Pooh and Goat are Finally Rescued

There was a loud rumbling sound. A heffalump soldier pointed his sword at the tummy of the chained up Winnie the Pooh.

            “That’s the seventeenth time your tummy has rumbled,” he snapped. “Either control it or I’ll rip it open and take all of your stuffing out.”

            “Maybe if I had something to eat, I might be able to control it better,” Pooh said.

            “You’ve suggested that sixteen times already!” snapped the heffalump soldier. “Can’t you think of something new? Oh, that’s right. I wouldn’t expect a new thought from a bear of very little brain. Maybe even tiny brain.”

            Goat stood up and approached the heffalump soldier as far as his chains would let him. “If you’d listen to him earlier instead of argue with him, his tummy would not be making so much noise.”

            “You know that you two are our prisoners, not guests, right?” said the heffalump soldier. “But if you want something to shut your belly up, here you go.” He got out a tray of half of disgusting vegetables and force-fed Pooh. Then he turned to Goat. “Got some more if you want it.”

            “I don’t have a rumbling belly.” It wasn’t just the disgusting vegetables that put him off from eating, it was the seasickness as well. Pooh and Goat were chained up on a speedboat, that was manned by heffalumps and woozels. There were six more speedboats around them. On orders from the cruel Jagular, they were taking Pooh and Goat to the centre of the Eighty Two Sea.

            “Goat, what are we going to do when we get to the centre of the sea?” Pooh asked.

            “We are going to meet a shark,” Goat said for the tenth time. Luckily, he was a very patient and understanding goat and he had been with Pooh for a long while and knew quite a bit of him.

            “Is he a nice shark?” Pooh asked.

            “The only nice thing he can think of is how nice his snacks will be.”

            “Will there be some for us?”

            “We will be the snacks,” Goat explained. “For him.”

            Pooh tried to work that out. “Well, that doesn’t sound very nice.”



When the speedboats finally stopped, Pooh and Goat saw that they were in the middle of the ocean. Apart from the speedboats of the heffalumps and woozels around them, all they could see was the still and calm Eighty Two Sea. Not a single wave.

            A heffalump and a woozel lowered a wooden plank, while another of each monster picked Pooh and Goat up.

            “Are you sure the shark is here?” Goat asked.

            “I don’t see anything apart the water,” Pooh said.

            The heffalump holding Goat chuckled. “I know what you’re up to, Goat, but we’re not buying it.”

            “Buying what?” Pooh asked. “I’m not selling anything.”

            “Oh, yes, you are,” said the woozel holding him. “You and Goat are just trying to distract us so you can escape.”
            “Yeah,” said the heffalump. “Even if Flubber doesn’t show up, seeing you two drown will be entertainment to us at least.”

            “Flubber?” Pooh was confused. “What’s a Flubber?”
            “Did you really think we would come out all the way out to sea and not plan anything? Now, come on!”

            Pooh and Goat were shoved ahead towards the plank. They immediately chose Pooh to go the plank. Goat tried to protest, but his horns were pulled back. He knew they were hurting him only to shut him up.

            Pooh slowly made his way to the far end of the plank. He looked at the ocean and still didn’t feel like going in. He turned around to face the heffalumps and woozels. “Maybe we could make a deal – ” But the only answer he got from them was when they shook the plank and he fell in.

            “Pooh, no!” Goat tried to break free to go and rescue his loveable friend, but his enemies were pulling his horns and his arms too hard that he couldn’t even break from them. All he could so was hope Pooh would be all right and hear the cruel laughter from the heffalumps and woozels. Then he heard more speedboats arriving from the distance. Oh, great, he thought. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse.



Pooh tried to keep his head up above the water as he could. He always dreamt of swimming of honey, but never in water. He started to drown. He couldn’t reach the surface and he saw something approaching him. Because he was underwater, his vision was blurry. He couldn’t work out if it was Flubber the shark. He panicked when it caught him and he swam with it. Whatever was holding him didn’t feel like teeth. They felt more like arms. Human being arms.

            Soon, Pooh reached the surface and faced the creature holding him. It was a young teenage wearing blue swim shorts and a scuba diving tank. He took his mask and breathing regulator off.

            “Are you okay, Pooh?”

            Pooh was amazed. “Christopher Robin, is that you?”

            “Yes, Pooh, it’s me.”

            The best of friends hugged each other. It had been a while since they saw each other.

            Then Pooh remembered. “Oh, what about Goat?”

            “Right behind you, Pooh.”

            Christopher Robin and Pooh turned around to see a speedboat arrived behind them. This one didn’t have heffalumps and woozels on them. It had their friends on it. Howard, wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt and purple swim shorts, took Pooh, while Selena in a green swimsuit helped Christopher Robin onto the boat.

            Pooh was delighted to see his friends again. Goat, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, Owl, Kanga, Roo and General Boomer. Then he saw another speedboat with heffalumps and woozels and began to worry again. “Oh, bother.”

            “Oh, don’t worry, Pooh,” Christopher Robin said, as he dried himself with a towel. “These heffalumps and woozels are on our side. They don’t like the Jagular and they want to be free from his evil rule.”

            Then Pigeon, Goat’s apprentice, approached him. “And they were the ones who helped us to rescue Master Goat.” Then he explained that as they were real heffalumps and woozels, they could disguise themselves as soldiers for the Jagular’s Army. They staged the whole rescue plan to rescue Pooh and Goat. So while Christopher Robin rescued Pooh, the rebel heffalumps and woozels managed to free Goat and take him onboard their speedboat and speeded away from them to meet up with the rest of their friends.

            “What about Flubber the shark?” Pooh asked.

            “We didn’t see a shark at all,” Goat said. “Maybe it was something the Jagular made up to strike fear in his prisoners and enemies.”

            Then Owl could see something. Not something, but a few things. And those few things were – “Speedboats!” he hooted. “By the heffalumps and woozels!”

            Everyone panicked.

            “Step on, Pigeon!” Goat ordered.

            Pigeon, who was at the controls, started the engine and the speedboat zoomed off.

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