Ghost Boy

Yes, this is a Danny Phantom I am not ashamed of it.

After watching his best friend chose someone else Danny becomes bored with his "normal" life. He flirts meaninglessly with girls and joins the football team. It isn't until the girl who's been appearing in his dreams shows up as a new student at his school that things become more interesting again, seeing how she has a secret of her own.


3. Chapter 3

 After his breakup with Sam, Danny used ghost fighting as an outlet for his aggression, except now that most of the ghost world had called a truce with Danny there weren't many ghosts to fight. And to make matters worse, his dreams about Avyanna had escalated. They were becoming even more real now that he knew who she was. 

More of his past enemies kept taking her away from him. Skulker wanted to mount her head on his wall. Johnny 13 wanted her to be his girl. Vlad cam to take her back to Wisconsin, but the worst one was his most recent one. It was Dan Phantom, except he didn't just take Avyanna, he killed her. 

 "Danny? Are you okay?" Avyanna asked as she ran up to him grabbing his arm and causing him to flinch.

 "Hey, Avyanna." He sighed, focusing on her and not his dreams.

"You're brooding again, Danny." 

"I do not brood!" He said defensively, causing Avyanna to throw her hands up in surrender.

 "Okay, okay, you just looked deep in thought." 

"I just...I haven't slept in a few days." He admitted, neglecting the part about her invading his dreams. 

"What? Scared of ghosts in your house or something?" She joked.

"I guess that's one way to put it." He muttered thinking about the ghost portal in his basement. 

"Come with me." She grinned, grabbing his hand, but as soon as the contact was made he felt the shiver and saw his ghost breath.

"I can't. Anna, you need to go there's um...class." He said quickly, dropping her hand and bolting into the bathroom.

"Finally." He whispered to himself as he changed into his ghost form and passed through the ceiling.

"Hi...ghost boy." 

Danny turned to see Ember McClain resting on the roof behind him.

"What do you want Ember?" He growled, ready to blast her back into the ghost world.

"Relax Danny, as much as I want that new girlfriend of yours to be my lead guitarist, I'm actually here to warn you. There's something happening in the ghost world, no one knows what it is, but it's something bad. Skulker, Plasmius, Johnny, they've all come back after supposedly kidnapping the same girl, your girl. Even Freakshow made it out of prison because of whatever this was. Whatever is happening Danny, you're a part of it and it's endangering the ghost world and probably yours too." Ember explained, before strumming a chord and disappearing. 

Danny changed back and sat on the roof. If all the ghosts in his dreams had come to his world and then back to the ghost world that would've meant he had brought Dan Phantom out of Clockworks realm.


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