Ghost Boy

Yes, this is a Danny Phantom I am not ashamed of it.

After watching his best friend chose someone else Danny becomes bored with his "normal" life. He flirts meaninglessly with girls and joins the football team. It isn't until the girl who's been appearing in his dreams shows up as a new student at his school that things become more interesting again, seeing how she has a secret of her own.


4. Chapter 4

"Listen, Danny, I'm trying to protect you. This girl will bring you nothing but pain." Dan told him flashing an uneasy grin as Avyanna struggled in his grasp.

"Leave her alone!" Danny growled, trying to change into his ghost form.

"Danny stop! It won't work."

Danny opened his eyes and instead of Dan Phantom, it was Danielle standing in front of him.

"She's endangering the whole ghost world Danny and you're their king, the ghost king. It's your job to protect them, to protect me."

"But..." before Danny could get his words out Danielle vanished and it was just him and Avyanna now.

"There's so much you don't know Danny."

"Danny? Danny wake up!" Tucked yelled. shaking the unconscious ghost boy. His eyes bolted open and he immediately switched back to normal.

"Tuck? What're you doing here?" Danny asked groggily and confused. He saw Tucker, Valerie, and Jazz standing over him, and Sam sitting off in the distance, her eyes locked on Danny as she pulled her jacket tighter.

"Sam found you, still in your ghost form...she didn't know what to do so she called us and Jazz," Tucker explained, casting a look back at his friend.

"Why was she even up here?" Danny asked, shooting a cold glare at his former girlfriend.

"To smoke, but..." Valerie started to say, but Danny quickly cut her off.

"Oh, so you smoke now?" Danny spat, causing Sam to flinch.

"Yeah, so what? Why do you care? We broke up." Sam said coldly, remaining in her corner.

"Because you cheated!" Danny growled, his eyes flashing green.

"No, because you assumed I cheated but didn't give me a chance to explain." Sam shot back.

"That's not the point here, Danny," Jazz snapped, interjecting herself into their conversation, "you were completely unconscious in your ghost form. What if someone, other than Sam had found you, or you phased through the roof?"

"What's going on with you Danny?" Valerie asked him quietly, kneeling down next to him, "I know the breakup was hard, but there's something else going on. Talk to us, maybe we can help."

"I'm fine Val, I'm heartbroken, but I'm fine." He said coldly as he got up and pushed his way past his sister and friends.

'You're not fine Danny.'

His footsteps halted as he heard Sam's voice echo in his head.

'What're you doing? How?' He responded mentally, his eyes locking with hers.

'You really think I'd spend nearly four years fighting ghosts and not pick up a few tricks?' Sam cracked a small, but proud smile as she had clearly astounded Danny.

"Whatever." He muttered out loud, dropping his eyes, shoving his hands in his pockets, and walking off.

"What was that about?" Tucker asked, unaware of Sam's new abilities.

"Hell if I know," Valerie muttered in response.

* * * *

Weeks went by and Danny's dreams had seemed to come to an end. He had split most of his time between school and the ghost zone, hoping maybe Clockwork would provide some insight on everything that was happening in his head and he could keep a close eye on the ghost zone as king. Plus, getting to spend time with Cujo was comforting.

"I don't know what happened Clockwork. The dreams were every night and then just stopped after Sam got into my head and then..." Danny explained, but Clockwork interrupted him.

"Your human friend was able to get into your mind? Did she communicate with you?" 

"Yeah, she said she had learned a few tricks over the years. I assumed it was ways to communicate with and protect herself against ghosts." Danny continued to explain.

"And the girl from your dreams, what was her name?" Clockwork asked as he continued to piece together the puzzle.

"Avyanna Masters, she's Vlad Plasmius's daughter."

"My king, you've gotten yourself entangled with two powerful witches..." 

"My king?" Desiree interrupted as she burst through the doors, "we have a problem. I brought her back."

Danny's eyes shifted between the horrified and fearful genie and the very human and very unconscious Avyanna.

"What do you mean you brought her back? I haven't been having any dreams, this is impossible." Danny protested, but Clockwork refuted him with ease.

"Just because you don't remember them, doesn't mean they aren't happening. You could be daydreaming or just simply the dreams dissipate when you wake up," Clockwork explained, "but apparently this girl has grown powerful enough to manipulate your dreams."



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