Ghost Boy

Yes, this is a Danny Phantom I am not ashamed of it.

After watching his best friend chose someone else Danny becomes bored with his "normal" life. He flirts meaninglessly with girls and joins the football team. It isn't until the girl who's been appearing in his dreams shows up as a new student at his school that things become more interesting again, seeing how she has a secret of her own.


2. Chapter 2

        "Everyone please give a warm Casper High welcome to our newest student, Avyanna Masters." Lancer said to the class as the girl stepped up in front of the class. If it wasn't the bright white streaks in her jet black hair, her last name sure caught Danny's attention. Whether or not she was a ghost had no major bearing on him, it was more the fact that she was the girl who had been appearing in his dreams with Freakshow. 

       The class bell rang disrupting Danny's thoughts, he looked up to see Avyanna walking away. He stood up to try and catch up to her, but she was quickly intercepted by Star and Paulina.

       "Avyanna right? Can I call you Anna?" Paulina grinned, blocking her only exit.

        "Uh sure...." She answered, a little confused and intimidated by the girl standing in front of her.

        "Perfect! Well, I'm Paulina. This is Star, and that" she smiled slyly as she pointed to the raven-haired boy who looked very confused, but couldn't keep his eyes off of Avyanna, "is Danny Fenton."

        Avyanna's eyes met Danny's, there was something off about the boy her father had warned her about when he sent her down to investigate and she couldn't wait to figure out what it was.

        "Come have lunch with us!" Star beamed, linking arms with the confused new girl, leading her off to the football field with a begrudging Danny trailing behind them. 

         Once they made it to the football field, Paulina and Star ran off to spend some quality time with Dash and Kwan, leaving Danny and Avyanna alone.

         "So you're Vlad's kid?" Danny asked her quietly, pulling out his sketchbook.

          "Yeah, I know. Shocking." She said sarcastically, as she rolled her eyes and leaned back on the grass. 

          "Well the fact that you're not my genetic clone is a little bit comforting." 

           "Oh yeah, Danielle. She's a sweet girl, a little unstable though."

            "Yeah, you're telling me." Danny laughed, causing Avyanna to crack a smile and laugh along with him.

            "See, I told you the new girl would help Fenton." Dash said smiling smugly at a frustrated and defeated Paulina as they observed Danny's interaction.

            "So what's a girl from Wisconsin doing all the way in Amity Park? Is Vlad still trying to get with my mom?" Danny asked her.

             "It's actually just me. My dad and I don't have the best relationship so I moved here to get away from him." Ayanna told him. While it wasn't all a complete lie, she didn't exactly have the best relationship with Vlad, she came down here to get close to Danny. But yes Vlad was still trying to get with Maddie.

            "Besides, from what I've heard Danny Fenton doesn't hang out with jocks. Don't you have a goth girlfriend that's missing you right about now?" She asked him to try and get the conversation off of her.

              "It's um...well i guess complicated would be an understatement, but we aren't together anymore and Tucker's always so busy with Valerie so..."Danny trailed off, his eyes dropping to the ground. 

               "I'm sorry," Avyanna murmured, gently placing a hand on Danny's comfortingly, "I know what it feels like to be alone."

              You have no idea. Danny thought to himself. After saving the world from an asteroid, Danny, with Desiree's help, erased the memories of everyone in Amity Park, with the exception of his inner circle and took the statue down. It was too much attention and pressure to keep everyone safe all the time, not to mention the never-ending questions and guilt tripping courtesy of his parents.

           The world wasn't ready to know about the existence of ghosts, not even half-ghosts.


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