The Last Phoenix

What happens when a phoenix loses her whole species?


1. The Last Phoenix

A Long time ago, in a country no one knows about, there was a tribe of people known as the phoenix caretakers. You see there were phoenixes in this country called Firepos. They were the only phoenixes left in the world. They had taken a liking to the tribe as they weren't violent and didn't try to kill the phoenixes. They lived in peace for many generations. Then the Extinctionists came. They hunted down all the phoenixes but one. Her name was Luna and she was determined to get revenge. She set off into the outside world. She had never been in the outside world and she was excited and scared to see what was out there. Luna first went to another hidden country. This country contained Hipocamps - Water Horses. When she told them what had happened they agreed to help.She then went to each hidden country and did the same thing. Now she was on her way to the hidden country of the alicorns. This was going to be tricky. The Alicorns didn't help anybody unless something was in it for them. They negotiated back and forth until they came upon an agreement. The alicorns would help if they got a piece of the phoenix's land. Then it was time Luna let out a shrill call that everyone could hear and they proceeded to the extinctionists' lair. It was a hard battle but they defeated them and luna honored her agreement with the Alicorn and every body went home. Luna still visited the other creatures from time to time to make sure every thing was going okay and everybody was all right and they all lived happily ever after.

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