Parabatai Forever

What happens when Clary and Simon become Parabatai? Will Isabelle and Simon get back together? What will his mom and sister think? what happens when Percy and them find out that their mortal parent is actually a shadowhunter? What happens when Harry and them find out that their parents aren't only wizards but shadowhunters? What happens when Katniss and them find out who their parents really are? What happens when the divergents find out about their heritage? Find out in this action packed Crossover of an adventure.


10. "Uncle?"

"Uncle's been taken?" I asked completely shocked.

" Yes and we need to get him back fast." Adryanna said.

"Who has taken him?" Holly asked. 

" We don't know, but we have a good guess that it was Valentine and his gang that took daddy," Adryann said, still teary eyed.

" Oh come here sweetheart," Holly said to Adryann, " don't worry we'll get him back. You being worried will just make you feel worse about what you think might happen to him."


I was already deciding that I choose the right person as my parabatai. Holly knew when to say something to help someone that was hurt emotionally.  

I told Adryanna and Adryann that we would have to tell the other shadowhunters so they could help out.Adryann was begging me not to but we would have to so we could get our uncle back soon. Finally Adryann gave in but only because Holly told her that  she would take her to meet her puppies and her horse once we rescued Uncle.

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