Parabatai Forever

What happens when Clary and Simon become Parabatai? Will Isabelle and Simon get back together? What will his mom and sister think? what happens when Percy and them find out that their mortal parent is actually a shadowhunter? What happens when Harry and them find out that their parents aren't only wizards but shadowhunters? What happens when Katniss and them find out who their parents really are? What happens when the divergents find out about their heritage? Find out in this action packed Crossover of an adventure.


9. The new Shadowhunters

Then all of a sudden the doors flew open. The party stopped and the food fight stopped. In through the door stepped two tall strawberry blonde, short haired girls about the age of 15. Following them was a boy about the same age. They had runes running up and down their arms. One of them was wearing a knee length leather skirt and a maroon tank top with a leather jacket slung over her shoulder. The other had black jean shorts and a bright pink tank top on 

"Who are they?" asked Simon.

"Those are my cousins Adryann and Adryanna Moonmist, the dragon shape-shifting shadowhunters," I replied.

" Sister, it seems we have intruded on a party," Adryanna said,as she slowly let her wings come out.

"Luna, our dear cousin, why weren't we invited?" Adryanna asked as she also let her wings out.

" You weren't invited because you always seem to cause trouble," I replied," and you never seem to listen to me or Uncle."

" Leave Daddy out of this, he has nothing to do with this,"said Adryanna. Adryann started to cry at the mention of her father's name."Now look what you have done. You and I need to talk. Holly and I started to walk over there but Adryanna raised here hand.

"In private please?" she said.

" No, whatever you have to say you can say in front of us both." I firmly stated.

"Fine but lets go outside," She responded,angrily.

What she said next absolutely shock me and Holly both.



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