Parabatai Forever

What happens when Clary and Simon become Parabatai? Will Isabelle and Simon get back together? What will his mom and sister think? what happens when Percy and them find out that their mortal parent is actually a shadowhunter? What happens when Harry and them find out that their parents aren't only wizards but shadowhunters? What happens when Katniss and them find out who their parents really are? What happens when the divergents find out about their heritage? Find out in this action packed Crossover of an adventure.


11. The Dead Come Back

"WHAT?!!!" Clary asked. "Valentine's back! What the Ithuriel."

" Clary,love, pick your jaw up off the floor," Holly said.

" How is he back? He's supposed to be dead, I killed him myself," Clary said angrily and shocked. 

"It's okay Clary we will find him and kill him again and we will also get luna's uncle back don't you worry." Simon and Jace said at the same time. "Okay that was freaky, did you just read my mind or something Jace?" Simon asked. "Maybe?" Jace said.

"Jace lets be serious here there are lives at stake." Clary said.

"I know, I'm just trying to lighten the mood." Jace replied.

"Well let's get the whole crew out here then." Simon said.

He asked Julian and Emma to come out here and l told them the whole story again Then he went and got Victoria and Erin and Adrianna and Robby and Isaiah and Gale. They all agreed to help. Then Jem and Tessa came and agreed to help.

"Thank you all this is very important to me and you all are so nice. Let's go find my cousins." I said. We found them and they were happy for their help.

Tessa asked them if they had something of their dad's that she could track him with.

Jace's phone started to ring.

 " Hello? Oh hey Percy, HI Nico yes I heard you , oh ok, meet you there.  Bye then," Jace said as he ended the phone call.

" So who is Percy?" asked Simon.

" Percy is my cousin. Apparently he needs to meet us at the Institute," Jace said. 

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