Without Me - Taehyung Fanfic

*Inspired by Halsey's Without Me*

Emily has recently moved to Seoul from small town in England and with her dream of becoming something of herself or then another low life like the rest of her family. She packs up her small flat and books the next one way ticket to her dream country and doesn't plan on coming back. With her work visa in hand she jumps on the plane and doesn't look back.

Taehyung is struggling with the heartbreak from his last proper relationship and isn't interest in meeting anyone new anytime soon. With his band mate worried about his mental health and the toll it's taking on his interest in music, they hire someone to get him out of his slump.

What happens when you happen to fall in love with the person who's meant to help you and get you back on track?

What happens when her visa suddenly rejected by the same person who broke you're heart?

What happened when you have to manage on your own without her?

Read to find out ....

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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