The World Behind The Cover

Warren is all alone in the real world, only to know true friends written in the pages of his favorite books. Will he find who he is meant to be through these pages after traveling through them? Or will he continue to ignore the harsh realism of reality?


1. short story

“Oh look it’s Warren the bookworm and his best friend Harry Potter and Winnie the Pooh.”

I can feel their whispers running through my head as if they slapped me themselves. Wearing headphones don’t block out everything, only the distractions leaving me alone in my own world. They are right though. My closest friends are the characters in my many books. My many books that lead me on new adventures every day and leaving me crying once I close them, living my real life of nothing. Every time you pass me in the school hallway I am reading or in class or outside of school. I always have a book with me. They are the best thing I have ever came across in my life. The only part I hate is closing a book and living a real life. I can’t go on adventures, flying to save the world or solve a crime mystery or even commit a crime and meet my true love. That stuff only happens in books and movies. But what if I told you that one day I opened a book and it brought me inside. Like inside the actual story world. It happened after lunch when I ran off to the library, running away from three guys who wanted to beat me up. My heart felt like it was ready to explode. I have never ran that fast in my life. I ran to the one spot I knew they would bother me. My sacred space in the back corner of the library secluded from everything. It was just me a beanbag and my books. I opened up one and it started to glow. The light was beaming from the inside of the pages and it flew out of my hands. The wind picked up and the pages started to flip faster and faster, until everything stopped. It was a deafening silence until the book flipped one more page. I have no idea what happened, but I opened my eyes to a Forest of trees surrounding me and no sign of anything remotely familiar. Feeling myself for injuries or anything different, I heard a silent crackle of leaves causing my heart to quicken. I could see nothing but trees and darkness. With every step I took it could have been my last. Where the heck am I? How did I get here? Why did I come here? This is scientifically impossible and there is no way I went.... no not possible. The rustling of leaves grows louder and this time I hear someone. Maybe someone crying? Then it all comes into view. It’s a little girl with blond hair covered in dirt and branches. She looks like she’s been lost for days. I can see the fear in her eyes when she sees me. I should be more scared than her.

“Who are you?”

“Umm my names Warren. What’s yours?”


“Well Amy. What are you doing out here? Do you need help?” As I get closer to her she hugs herself more, trying to escape anyone. Someone. She doesn’t answer me, and only starts crying again. Shoot, I can’t stand kids crying. What do I do? The only thing I can do is just sit next to her and be there even if she has no idea who I am. Maybe she will tell me what going on and how I can get out of here. I mean is it really that bad living in this world. I have nothing to miss in my own.

“I ran away from them.” The sudden outburst surprised me but who could she be running away from. If she says some kind of forest monster I am gone.

“Who Amy?”

“The big man in the suit.” Why is it always a guy in a suit? It’s always the business men who are the bad guys.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

The look in her eyes says no as she rocks back and forth trying to remember something, but her hand grabs mine and walks me to an abandoned camp. The camp is completely empty with toys all over the place and clothes scare red around the cabins. She brings me to one cabin where the beds are ripped apart and broken. She sits down in the middle of the floor and holds a picture.

“It’s my sister. She’s gone now.”

“What do you mean?”

“They took her.”

“Amy how old are you?” She dropped the picture and stared into my eyes. I could see the innocence lost in the past weeks she has been deserted, scared and all alone until now.


As I looked at this girl, I could see a younger version of me. Someone who was left all alone in a huge world, ready to live a life with the help of no one. She is in the body of a child and has the soul of an adult.

“Can you tell me anything of the people looking for you?”

Amy looked scared and not ready to relive her past horrors, but finds the courage to tell me everything. She tells me exactly what happens until we hear vans pull up close. I can see the horror in her eyes as she pulls me into the closet. We sit in silence watching through the hole to see who is coming. I can feel my heart beating through my chest, praying to God that no one else hears the deafening sound of it beating. I almost jump through the door when the front door is kicked down, and I feel Amy holding onto my waist closing her eyes, waiting for it to be over. I feel like the older brother she never had, protecting her as my own younger sister. The two men wearing red suits carry handguns, ready to shoot at anything moving. Another man I assume the leader walks in wearing a light blue shirt and black pants. His greased back hair and strictness tells me he is not one to mess with.

“I thought you said someone was here?”

“I did. I saw a man walk into this camp 20 minutes ago. He couldn't have going far. Find him. NOW!”

The leader walks off yelling at someone else outside. The two men start searching the cabin and one came closer to us. He was staring right at me and ready to open the door. I don’t know who they are, but I don’t think going with them will end well for us. All of a sudden I hear a shot go off and my eyes are closed and my Amy’s grip tightens as does mine.

“What the hell man?”

“I saw something running that way.”

“It’s called a squirrel. Get a grip. Let’s go.”

The man turns his back and walks away from our bonding spot. I have never been so relieved in my life. I could actually breathe again. Amy and I stand in the closet until we knew it was safe to leave. She fell asleep on my lap, looking so peaceful. I wonder what happened to her in the hands of those guys? What do they even want?

Amy woke up an hour later and that’s when we made our move to head out. We made a plan to go into their facilities and rescue all the other campers saving everyone. I thought what the heck, I am in a fictional book. What could go wrong?

The answer is everything. Everything could go wrong. It all starts with leaving the camp. The men in suits haven’t left yet and were scouting the grounds, hunting for anyone trying to run away from them. So we had to sneak our way around all of them and we only barely made it out because that idiot guard shot at another squirrel. After we got into the forest, I was following an eight year old towards another abandoned building. This building was tall and the cast of the sun put it in its spotlight of our doom. The front of the corridor was vacant. No one around for miles. Something wasn’t right. The way that every corner was pitch black and no sight of anything loving made me worried. Amy never let go of my hand and that’s when I heard a creak. It came from behind us sounding like a door opening. A shadow ran across from one side of the room to the next. That was our clue to leave as fast as we could. Amy was still leading me somewhere and my legs could hardly keep up with her. All I could hear was the sound of my rapid breathing as we sprinted left then right then through a door full of tables and teal liquid. Amy slammed the door closed behind us letting me catch my breath. Something slammed against the door on the other side. Amy ran into my arms as we cower in the corner, praying that whatever is behind that door doesn’t see us. The door shakes with every hit it takes finally making a loud thud as the metal hits the ground. There stands a tall woman with hair tied up staring right at us.

“Amy, is that you?”


Amy stands up running to this woman embracing her with all the love she has left. There I am in the corner wondering who this woman is and how she found us.

“Hi, I’m one of Amy’s counselors at the camp not far from here.”

“I’m Warren. What is this place?”

“This is headquarters. Where all the experimentation is being held. That blue liquid is deathly and turns anyone into a robot, ready to be programmed to do anything on the leaders command. These people are using children to form an invincible army.”

I was shocked at everything Rachel just said and couldn’t believe any of it. Something seemed off still. Why is there no one watching this deadly weapon? As if on cue, three men jump from the ceiling surrounding us. My leg was pushed to the ground and we were all pinned down except Rachel. Her smug grin stained right through me.

“Your with them. You set us up didn’t you?”

“Oh look, little Warren finally figured it all out.”

“How could you do this to the campers? To Amy?”

“That’s what people do when they want something. Take them to the others.”

The hallways looked different this time going through. There was light, and many people working through windows. I think we were just set up Amy didn’t look worries though which surprises me because of how I found her originally. We were thrown into a room full of other people. 20 people all children who look afraid and lost all hope for escaping. The door shut behind us, leaving a little light from the small outside window. A boy a little shorter than me comes up to me with a black eye. He limps his way over, staring right at me.

“What’s your name?”


“I’m Daniel. Do you.. do you think we can survive in here?”

“Is there any way out? I mean did you find a way in?” Says another girl from the corner. She is cradling a smaller girl in her arms who can’t move her arm. What have they been through to be here? Amy grabbed my hand and pulled me down to her level. I could see something different in her than in the others. She found a way to get out and she wants me to lead everyone else out.

“What do we do Warren?”

Everyone was silent and staring at me. I hate going the center of attention and never wanted to lead anything. I have no hope in myself and need someone telling me what to do not the other way around.

“Come here, all of you. I have never done anything of any importance in my life and I don’t feel like I’m our best bet. I have no idea how I got here and have no idea how to get home. I am a nobody. I read books for fun and they are my only friends. I have no life.”

I soon realize that these kids have had no life and no adventure in their lives. They only know hate and disloyalty. They have no one to show love for them.

“Ok here’rs the plan.”

We wait in the dark for hour until the door finally opens. I realized that none of the men guarding us have any weapons on them and will be easy to take down with our number. No one will be left behind and everyone will be rescued. Amy was right by my side as we tackle the men through the door and run to the closest door. I could feel the sunlight beaming on my skin it was that close. Then it was all gone. I felt hands tighten around my waist bringing me into their grasp. My sweat was burning my eyes causing my blurred vision. All I knew was that I wa being dragged to a room filled with chairs. These chairs had straps to keep their victims on place. I saw all the victims already captured, waiting, fidgeting for what will happen next. My wrists were burning from the strap around them it felt like I might lose them. Men were standing all around us watching the man in the middle of our circle of chairs. In came the leader with slick back hair and black pants. He stands tall staring at each and every one of us, proud for what he has accomplished. Destroying the lives of every individual in this room. He strides right towards me, so close I can feel him breathing. He knows exactly who I am.

“You must be Warren. The kid from the forest.”

“Maybe. Who are you and what do you want from us?”

He laughs in my face, walking away from me. He plays with the rolling table in the center of the room. The one with the blue liquid. Amy was sitting across from me and she has no fear in her at all. Motionless she sits in her seat staring at me trying to tell me something I don’t know. Everything seems hopeless when the man in the suit comes over to me placing his icy cold hand on my arm, drilling that poison into my system. It stings and I can feel the changing. Then it clicks. That fear in Amy is non existent as is this world. None of what is happening is real and all inside my mind. It’s my own imagination trying to give me my escape from the real world. I realize that I can be everything I am in this world in my own. I am a kind and generous person who loves going on new adventures and can see any world possible. Before everything goes dark and I am under their control, I know exactly what I have to do.

“You don’t scare me. Even.. even if you have all the power over me I can still beat you.”

“How? In just a few moments you will be mine and will do anything I say. How can you beat me? You are nothing and will always remain nothing.”

“None of this is real. It’s all fiction. Made up. I created you and now you no longer exist.”

His face drops as I say every word into his face. I feel the freedom of myself back and all the pressure off of me as all the chairs disappear along with the building. We all stand in the middle of the forest. People begin being fading away and all I see is Amy. Her waving goodbye with a tear falling down her face. Is it possible to fall in love with a made up character. I loved her as my little sister and will never see her again. Wiping the tears from my face, I close the book, staring at the library I was one in. I see many books surrounding me in my safe space and realize I’m back. I returned with the knowledge of chasing after who I really want to be instead of always looking down. I look up to see this girl in the corner desk, doing homework with her blue eyes looking right at me. She smiles at me and looks away when I notice her. Maybe I was right about one thing. I can fall in love with a fictional character. A fictional character that is the same person in real life only older and my age. I would have never saw her if I didn’t look behind the cover. Her name is Amy.

The end

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