Save Me - Jimin Fanfic

Natasha works as a bartender in a very busy nightclub in London city centre. Most celebrities go there as it’s a hit with many a-lists like Beyoncé, Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles ect...

This one particular night her manager asks her to work on the VIP bar which as you can guess is a private bar and area for celebrities to use, but was given a warning that these guys don’t speak much English as they’re Korean or something.

The thing with working on the VIP bar is there is a few simple rules to follow:

1) You can have you’re on you but no taking photos - understandable as embarrassing drunk photos can ruin a career.

2) do whatever they ask - which means whatever.

3) use a fake name if they ask for it - which I happen to forget to do quite a lot.

What happens when she finds herself falling into a scandal with one of the members of BTS and has to find away to get herself out of it without causing an uproar. When all she can think about wtf did I get drunk with them and why di


24. Chapter TWENTY-TWO


I wrap the fluffy white towel around my body as I watch Jimin drain the water from the bath. He turns round and gives me a happy smile as he tightens the towel around his lower half. My phone pings from the other room which makes me dash over to it. I sit on the edge of the bed and unlock my phone, I open Instagram and see I have a free PM's. I click the message button and notice one from LilStalkerGirl57. "Great" I whisper to myself and I click on to her name.

LilStalkerGirl57 - I take it you haven't listens to my warning. Just watch what's happens now princess! Clearly the boys have become more attached to you two more then I thought they would be. I wonder what will happen when I send Sejin a message about the contract. I have a feel he doesn't know that part !!! I even have a copy of it with me now !! Enjoy this next week because it will be over once it's up.

I feel my chest tighten as I reread the message over and over again. How the hell did she get a copy of our contract? "JIMIN" I call as I stare at my phone.

"Yeah" he replies from the bathroom.

"Where's your copy of the contract we made ?" I ask him as I stand up from the bed and slip into my underwear. I wrap the towel around my head as I begin to look through his bags.

"It should be in the bag with my laptop.. why?" He questions and I go straight towards his black leather bag.

"I want to rip it up as it's no longer in need right ?" I reply slyly knowing that not the real reason but it's also a valid reason.

"Makes sense and yeah it's not longer needed" he replies as he enters the room. I unzip the bag and rummage through all the stuff looking for that piece of paper.

"Ahhh I can't find it" I complain as I feel my stress levels rise.

"Natasha calm down it is in there as that's where I put it" he adds as he walks up next to me and starts to take the things out of the bag and put them onto the chair.

"Okay this is where I put it.... where the hell has it gone ?" He asks me and I shake my head knowing full well who has it.

"I don't know but if that lands in the hands of your manager or someone who shouldn't have it this could be the end of us" I sigh as I push the wet towel off my head and run my hands through my hair.

"Tash.... Tash... for fuck sake NATSHA" he says taking hold of my shoulders and shaking me back to my senses.

"I will find it because we have to find it" he says to me and fall into his chest. I hold him tightly as I feel my world crash around me, I'm going to lose him even after all this. I guess I'm going to have to make it worth while since it's over in a weeks time. I notice his towel become lose around his waist as I pull away and hand him a pair of clean boxer shorts. I turn round facing the opposite direction to him as I refuse watch him through the mirror right in front of me. Yes I have seen his lower half about a few minutes ago but still I want to respect him privacy.

"You know you can look at me whilst I change" he says and I turn round to look at him as he's stood behind me not wearing his boxers, I see his man hood dangling right in front of my face which causes me to blush and close my eyes.

"Ahhh Jimin. You could of warned me you was that close to me" I say as I turn back round and slam my hand over my eyes for extra blindness.

"Hahaha isn't it normal for a couple to see each other naked ?" He says sarcastically and I flip him the middle finger.

"Yes that is true but still we haven't done anything which involves us being naked yet and.... and.... oh never mind" I trail off as I attempt to stand up with my eyes still close and walk over to the bed, I bump into the corner of the bed and fall flat onto my face. My eyes shoot over as I let out a groan, "for fuck sake just my luck"

"You okay" he asks me trying not to laugh but I can see the corners of his lips struggling to act serious.

"Go ahead laugh" I snap at him as I sit up and gently rub my forehead, he bursts into laugh and falls forwards because he's laughing too much. I let out a little giggle myself as I realise what I actually did.

"You really know how to turn every situation into some sort of dramatic thing.. except that was fucking hilarious" he comments and I roll my eyes, I stand up and jump onto the bed and roll onto my belly. I burry my face into the pillow and let out a scream. She's really wanting me and Jimin to end but why?? What have I done wrong to her ? I feel a heavy weight press on to my full body causing me to groan.

"Jimin get your fat arse off me" I say as he pushes more of his weight on to me.

"JIMIN" I yell trying to roll him off me.

"Say you love me and I will" he teases me and I shake me head.

"N-nope never" i breath out, trying to wiggle him off me. He puts all him weight on me and I groan, this boy is having my life I swear.

"Fine.... I love you ChimChim" I give in and he rolls off of me, I feel a sense off relief once the weight is removed from my back.

"I love you too" he says and kisses my head as I try to catch my breath.

"I'm gonna kill you one day" I tease and he playfully pushes me. I roll my eyes and turn to face him, and notice he finally has boxers on which is a plus. I feel a pain of sadness fill my heart when I realise this is all about to come crashing down and there is nothing I can do to stop it even if I tried or even if I told him. They wouldn't stop till me and him were overs. I look at him as I see his eyes flutter shut slightly, the little Mochi is tired. I run my hands through his hair and switch the light off, I feel him shuffle over to me and rest his head on my chest. I continue to play with his hair as I feel my eyes become heavy and droopy, i head light snores coming from Jimin which makes me fall to sleep soon after.

Rain was tapping on the ground, as cars rush past me unaware of me standing in the middle of the road. I look up to the sky and feel the cold rain drops land onto my skin, I wish the rain would take away the pain and sadness that has been coursing through my body for the past couple of days. The day we ended it. The day I made up that stupid lie to give him a reason to hate me. All because of that one stupid fan. My heart becomes heavy as I regret that moment so much in my life. I miss him and its driving me crazy. Does he miss me? Probably not I ruined everything with him because of that lie. I take a step further into the on coming traffic as I pray that the car in front of me knocks me down. "I can't keep feeling this way?" I yell into the sky as my heart shatters into more and more pieces.

"You have too... You hurt him and now they are after you !!" An unfamiliar voice speaks to me.

"He deserves better then you" it says, I know it's true he does deserve better then me. I was always going to ruin his life, he was always way too good for me and to me as well. I take another step as a horn blares into my ear as the head lights come closer and closer.....

I feel myself jolt up as sweat drips down my forehead. My breathing heavy and all over the place as my heart beat races dramatically. I see Jimin still laid next to me peacefully unaware of the nightmare I just had. I climb out of bed and slip on one of his baggy tops and my pj shorts. I slip on my fluffy sliders and creep out of the hotel room, I gentle close the door behind me as I head down the hall way towards the large double windows when I see Namjoon sitting there staring out into the beautiful night sky. The moon light shone on his face as I read his pained and uncomfortable facial expression. "I guess I'm not the only one struggling with something" I say as I walk closer towards him, he gives me a small nod as I take a seat opposite him.

"Bad dream?" He asks me and I nod back, I look out into the city and wonder what was going on through all their minds.

"Same... it was really weird and scared the heck out of me" he says and I give him a small smile.

"Not the only one, in mine I was trying to get myself run over" I say openly and he gives me a concerned and worried look.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't do a thing like that and haven't since I was about 15. I've sort of got my life together if you ignore these past few week" I state and his facial expression goes back to normal. He hold out his cup for me to take a drink and I happily accept, I take a sip of the lukewarm coffee and hand it back to him. Our hands touch slightly and I stare into his eyes, he quickly takes the cup and lets out cough.

"What was your dream about then?" I ask him trying to get the conversation back on track.

"You... actually. You was trying to hurt yourself because of something that happen between you and Jimin but it felt so really I was terrified" he says quietly and I let out a gasp.

"You know I wouldn't do that right. I haven't hurt myself for years now and I don't plan to any time soon. Everything's good right now" I say only half lying. I haven't hurt my self in years but not everything is good, I wish I could confront her like that time she came to my hotel room but I have no idea where she is. Me and Namjoon fall back into another silence which was a comfortable one as we stay watching the view from the window. I take my phone from my pj short pocket and see another message from them. I unlock my phone and read the message to myself.

LilStalkerGirl57 - You have one more chance to end things before I do !!! You clearly don't understand the power I have over you right now and if you co-operate I might release all the things I have on you. I know more about you then you think Natasha. I'm almost positive Jimin would love to find out that his girlfriend has been lying to him this entire time. You have till the end of these two weeks to end things that's my final offer.

I let out a sigh and go back to looking out of the window. Why is this girl so obsessed with me? Why can't she let me be happy ? What could she possible have on me that with make him hate me? What have I lied about? Ahhhh so many unanswered question they are driving my insane !!!

- Hey

I know I said I'd update yesterday but I got dragged into working a shift that I shouldn't have so I'm really sorry but I hope you like this chapter because I have a lot of drama building up for this story and I can't wait for it to all explode. See you tomorrow for another update.

Meg x -

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