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"I guess that could work but how long would we date for?" I ask him as I think about it for a bit.

"How about a couple of weeks. Cause by then the drama may have calmed down and we can part ways as friends?" He says


Please note this book does contain smut and over 18 is advised but if you wish to read this book then do at your own digression.


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25. Chapter TWENTY-THREE


We arrive into Fort Worth with quite hours to to spare before the concert. So me and Fraya decided to go shopping before the concert seen as we're surprising the boys by watching them from the crowd. "What do we wear ? I want them to be able to notice us from the crowd?" Fraya says to me as we wonder round the shopping mall.

"Honestly I couldn't tell you because I'm stuck too" I reply as I take a sip of my ice caramel frappe.

"Hmmm... Oh I have an idea" she says and I give her a 'go on look' as I continue to drink me frappe, "we could get funny pictures of Hoseok and Jimin printed onto a shirt and then we could wear denim a shirt or something and cute heels and look hella cute" she says and I nod my head. I unlock my phone and screen for a cute and funny picture of Jimin on pinterest.

"I've found the perfect photo of Jimin?" I laugh as I turn my phone and show her. She lets out a huge giggle as she sees me screen.

"OMG what the actual fuck" she bowls as we continue walking drawing attention to ourselves. I let out a little giggle as we look around for a printing shop, I see a bright yellow light at the other side of the mall saying 'Printing' and I let out a squeal. We walk over to the store and see a lovely Middle Ages man standing behind the counter.

"Hello" he greets us and I give him a smile.

"Would you be able to print two photos of our boyfriend onto a top for us?" Fraya and ask and he gives her a nod. We take out my phone and show him the photos, he lets out a giggle and asks us to send them to his email address. He hands us his business card with his email on and we send him the pictures. He prints them off and when I see the one Fraya chose of Hoseok I let out a giggle.

"Good choice" I say through my laughter as I spot the photo of Jimin blown up. The gentleman starts on the tops and says they'll most likely be done in about an hour so we head out of the shop to something to wear on our lower half's. I see forever 21 and grab hold of Fraya's wrist and drag her across the mall and into it. "Oh good eye" she praises me once were inside. I walk over to the denim section of the scan the denim skirts. I see loads of cute ones but none that scream 'buy me ! Buy me!'.

"I'm thinking of wearing shorts, tights and my cute lil black ankle boots." Fraya says as she looks at the shorts and find a pair of high waisted with folded leg parts folded.

"Ooo I like them" I say to her as I continue to look through the skirts when I land on a cute light denim one with rips in it. I search for a size 12 when I remember the sizes are different over here. I take out my phone and google size convert and grab a size 8.

I walk to the dressing room and quick try it on. "Perfect" I beam and take it back off and pull my jeans back on, slipping my feet back into my trainers. I leave the dressing room and see Fraya search for jewellery and accessories. I sneak up behind her and she jumps half a mile "fucking hell Tash" she yells as slaps my arm. I giggle as I rub my arm better, I notice a lovely red velvet choker which would look lovely with my red leather jacket and maybe even my new skirt. I pick it up and add it to my basket along with a couple of bracelets, I go to the cashier and pay for my item. "I'll wait for you outside" I say to Fraya who is still eyeing up come accessories.

"Okay" she smiles as I leave her in the store. Reason why I said I'd wait for her outside is that she takes forever to choose accessories compared to me who sees something I like and buys it without a second thought. I take a seat on the bench across from the store and take out my phone and scroll through some of the photos when I come across a photo of me from years ago with deep red hair. "I really wanna dye my hair red again" I sigh as I see the happy smile on my face with Fraya and Cam at work. I miss work to be honest, it's feels so wierd not being around all them crackhead and having a laugh. I even miss Graham even thought he's a jerk sometimes but he's a good boss. Fraya finally leaves the store and gives me a worried look as she gets closer to me.

"What's up you look sad?" She asks me as she takes a seat next to me.

"I never thought I'd miss work as much as I do" I reply as I brush away the tear that falls from my eye. I show her the photo and I see her tear up slightly.

"I miss work too mostly Cam but I still miss it" she replies and I let out a little giggle at her reply.

"I'm thinking of dying my hair deep red before the concert you in?" I ask her and she shakes her head.

"The only time I dye my hair is when my roof needs touching up. I'm sticking with blonde" she replies and I roll my eyes. We stand up from our seats and head back to the printing shop as our tops should be ready by now.

We walk back into the shop and he gives us a thumbs up to say they're ready. I let out a little squeal as he places the freshly printed tops onto the counter inside there zip lock bags. I take a look as I feel a massive grin appear on my face when I see the photo of Jimin. "They're going to hate us for this" I reply with a giggle.

"Oh yeah but it's all for the bants" she replies and pays for both our tops, I thank her and him as we leave the shop. I carefully put the top into my paper forever 21 bag as we head towards the exists of the mall. I fish my cigs out of my bag and hand her one as we enter the wide world. I light my cig and take a large drag, I take in the smoke and blow the excess back out into the sky.

"Have you told Jimin yet that we're not going or you telling him when we get back to the hotel ?" She asks me and I shrug my shoulder as I haven't decided yet. I feel my phone ring from my pocket, I take it out and see Jimin's face on my screen.

"God his ears must have been burning" I say as I answer the call.

"Hey ChimChim" I say with a smile as I take another drag of my cig.

"Hey Tash, what time are you coming back as the management want to get off to the stadium soon so we can get a practice in before the sounds check with the fan?" He asks me and I quickly have to think of something on the spot.

"Well we're still shopping so if you leave mine and Fraya's back stage passes in our room. We'll meet you there once we've finished" I say and I hear him let out a slight groan.

"But I want you to be there with me" he complain in a cute baby voice and I let out a little laugh at his cuteness.

"Awee you're so cute but me and Fraya want to have some girl time. I promise we'll meet you there" I reply and he sighs in defeat.

"Okay... fine, I'll let Hoseok know that your going to meet us there and I'll leave the passes in the bedside table" he replies.

"Okay baby, I love you.. see you soon" I smile and he just hangs up the phone. Oh. I stare at my phone (which is a new one seen as I smashed the last one) for a few seconds before putting it into my back pocket it again.

"Ugh... grumpy ChimChim" I say to Fraya and she just rolls his eyes.

"I swear these boy over work themselves and then wonder why they get grumpy and moody" she states and I nod my head in agreement as we head down the street. My phone pings from my pocket signally a notification from Instagram. I take my phone out dreading it's from that blackmail cow but to my surprise ifs from ARMY4LIFE. I unlock my phone and read the message.

ARMY4LIFE - Hey can't wait to meet you tonight, you still okay with me coming back stage ? X

I quickly type back a reply explain mine and Fraya's new plan.

Me - Hey, yeah but me and Fraya are watching the guys from the crowd so once the concert is over you can come backstage with us. We should meet up before the show and get fully introduced before we go back stage x

I see her typing as we continue down the path as Fraya looks for an empty taxi cab.

ARMY4LIFE - OMG YASSSSS!! If you have soundcheck tickets we should sit together and enjoy the concert as a group. oh shit you might have forgotten my name it Alicia x

Me - Yes I did sorry but I'll remember it from now on. Well I'll see you later we're going to be heading there about 3ish so drop me a message when you're there x

I send the message and lock my phone as Fraya signals a taxi to stop. I watch it pull over as we climb inside. "Hilton Hotel please" I say to him and he nods his head, as he pulls away from the curb.

"Who was that you was texting?" Fraya asks me and I put my phone into my backpack.

"You know the girl named ARMY4LIFE on Instagram. She's going to the concert too so we're going to meet her there and I've finally found her names it's Alicia" I reply and I see a small pout form on Fraya's face, she really can't be getting jealous of a person I haven't met yet.

"Oh okay.. you seem to be quite chummy with her" she comments and I roll me eyes. Yep she's getting jealous.

"Oh Fraya, you'll always be my best friend and no one can ever replace you but it's also nice to have someone accept me as Jimin's girlfriend who isn't you. Who is a fan of the boys but also a fan of my relationship with Jimin and to be honest she's a fan of you and Hoseok too" I say with a smile as wrap my arms around her shoulders for a small hug.

"Really?" She replies, yep I knew mentioning her and Hoseok would work.

"That will be $10.50 please" the driver ask us as we pull up outside the hotel, I notice Jimin walking out of the hotel with a glum look on his face, I quickly duck mine and Fraya's head hoping they don't see us and rummage through my bag for my purse.

"What are you doing ?" Fraya ask as she struggles to move her head back up.

"The boys are coming out do the hotel" I whisper to her as I take out the correct change from my purse with my free hand. I hand it over to the driver and peer slight out of the window and see Jimin standing there look down at me through it. God dammit. I let go of Fraya's head and give Jimin a small smile as I sit up properly and open the car door. I grab my bags and climb out of the car as he gives me a wierd ass look.

"What the hell are you doing ? You looked like you was hiding from me?" He asks me sounding quite annoyed.

"Nope I was hiding just looking for my purse in my bad" I lie as Fraya climbs out of the taxi and closes the door behind her.

"I'll meet you inside" she says it me and walks straight past Hoseok not even saying hello to him which makes him walk over to me.

"What was all that about?" He ask me and I shake my head.

"I honestly couldn't tell you" I lie again. God one day my pants are going to set on fire due to these lies.

"Well cmon we have to be at the practice in 10" Jimin says to me as he grabs my elbow and tries to drag me to the other car. I remove my arm from his grasp, turning and attempt to walk into the hotel. I feel Jimin's hand catch mine as I take a step onto the concrete stairs leading into the Hilton.

"Why aren't you coming with me now?" He ask me as I refuse to look at him.

"I need a shower, a nap and food but I promise I'll meet you there shortly once everything I've done" I reply and take my hand out of his and finally walk through the hotel door and into the main lobby. I see Fraya waiting for me and we link arms as we head towards the elevator. I press the button and we wait as my phone pings in my bag, I roll my eyes and take out my phone and see a message from Jimin.

ChimChim 🐶💜 - forget about coming later on if your going to be like that I really can't be bothered dealing with you at the concert. I'll see you when I get back to the hotel tonight.

I let out a frustrated groan and shove my phone back into my bag as the doors of the elevator open. Why do you have to be such a jerk when you are grumpy ? We walk into the elevator and Fraya presses the button for our floor as the doors close. Her phone pings but she ignores it and gives me a weak smile, "They really think being a dick is going to help them?" She says to me I nod my head.

"Clearly because Jimin's just texted me saying don't even bother coming tonight... he's going to have the surprise of his life when he see us standing there supporting them from the crowd" I reply, hoping by then he'll of calmed down and stopped acting like a prick. We reach our floor and step out of the lift, we walk down the hall to mine and Jimin's room as I swipe my key across the lock and open it. I walk into the room and see a red envelope on the bedside table on my side of the bed. I pick it up and take out the piece of paper folded inside. I open the paper and begin to read the note out loud.

"Dear Park Jimin,

You'll know me as LilStalkerGirl57 from insta but my actual name is Bonnie and I've been following your relationship with Natasha's from day one. I'm the one who sent the photo of you two kissing in the door way of the dreadful nightclub into the press and well I know a few things about Natasha and Fraya that you'll want to hear. If you wish to know more, feel free to drop me a message on Instagram and I'll tell you everything I have on that lil psychopath you call a girlfriend.

Only trying to help,


"Are you being serious right now ?" Fraya asks and takes the note from my hand and reads it herself. This girl is really trying to ruin my life !!!

- Hey guys

So basically I have the outfit ideas for the girls up on my Instagram - @nosuga93 and well I was going to post them and put them in this chapter but I think they're best left for the next one. I hope you guys like this chapter and I'll see you tomorrow for another update.

Meg x -

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