The Stardust Ghosts

(Spectacular Spider-Man + Guardians of the Galaxy). After he gets sent to another universe by dangerous golden dust, Spider-Man teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to get to the bottom of this galactic mystery and maybe even his own personal issues...


9. The Biggest Risk Of All

Spider-Man was doing all of those things the Guardians thought he was doing. As he knew the Stardust Ghosts were after him, he was trying to lure them away from the Benetar, hopefully so the Guardians can land it easily instead of crashing it. Also he was planning to find where Gwen was and he was hoping a swarm could lead him to her. The trouble was there was so much swarms of the ghosts that he couldn’t work out which was coming out where or going to where. And seeing nothing but rocks and giant holes the ghosts kept going in or coming out of wasn’t helping much either. And trying to fly and avoid the flying ghosts was taking a lot of energy out of him.

            Spider-Man felt that he couldn’t fly or dodge any more ghosts any longer. Luckily, he spotted a nearby big enough cave and decided to land close to it. As there was no ghost flying up above him yet, he took a moment to catch his breath before he would run into the cave to hide from them. Then he stopped as he saw Gwen in front of him. She had her arms in the air. He looked up to see the flying Stadust Ghosts in the air. Wherever she waved her arms left, right, straight or back, the ghosts followed in those directions. It was as if that was how the Chief Stardust Ghost was controlling his fellow minions.

            Spider-Man approached Gwen. “Gwen, listen to me. I can help you.”

            Gwen chuckled. “You can’t help her. Even if you stayed with her and gave her the support she needed for the last two years, you couldn’t help her. She is beyond help.”

            Spider-Man wondered whether the Chief Stardust Ghost meant Spider-Man or both him and Parker. Then he made a risky choice. He took his mask off. “Gwen, it’s me, Peter Parker.”

            Gwen’s body stopped and turned around to face Parker. “Peter, is that you?”

            Parker started to look more hopeful before he saw Gwen’s body glow like gold. “No!” she said. “You cannot win her back just by revealing yourself!”

            Now Parker was finally able to tell who was Gwen and who was the Chief Stardust Ghost. He started to take his whole uniform off.

            “Gwen, I’m very sorry for not speaking to you since Norman Osborn’s funeral. It wasn’t just because I’ve been trying to provide for my Aunt May. Because I still loved you and I still do, I was jealous about you being with Harry.”

            Gwen seemed be struggling with the chief inside of her, but she seemed to know who Parker was.

            “And I know that’s no excuse for not speaking to you in two years, but I’ve really missed you and still love you. And I will do whatever it will take to get you to come back to me. And not just for my sake, but for Harry, your Dad and everyone else who loves you.”

            Gwen’s mouth opened and an enormous Stardust Ghost appeared to be leaving her mouth. Parker hoped that the ghost would finally leave Gwen once and for all, but he also expected that it would go back right back into her, which was what exactly happened.

            “Nice try, Parker, but the only way you can be with her ever again is to surrender to us,” Gwen said.

            As he couldn’t think of any more ideas, he started to wonder if the best thing for both the universe and Gwen was for her body is to be killed. He wondered if it was best for Gwen to be die peacefully than let her live with the murdering monster inside of her and force her to do more evil things. Then he started to wobble but managed to walk ahead and regain his balance. He looked behind to notice he was at the edge of a rocky cliff and it was quickly crumbling behind him. Then two sharp spikes nearby gave him an idea.

            Parker fired web at them and got to them to go through his stomach. He screamed at the pain, but Gwen screamed more loudly and the Chief Stardust Ghost was getting out of her. But it was still not enough. Already in enough pain, Parker looked behind him and decided to fall down, hoping the ghost would finally get out of Gwen.



The ghost finally got out. It was all because Gwen was shocked to see her friend Peter Parker getting spiked through the chest and falling off a cliff. She tearfully ran to the cliff and tried to find him, but all she could see was fog. She didn’t care at all about the fact that a ghost had just been in her or that she was not on Earth; she was merely horrified that she had just seen Parker fall to his death.

            Then Gwen was turned around when the Chief Stardust Ghost was holding her. It started to enter through her mouth, but the top of it got fired and it released her. Gwen couldn’t believe she was looking at a gang of strange aliens firing at the giant dusty monster. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She thought this was only a big nightmare. Then when she lost balance and fell from a cliff, she realised it wasn’t a nightmare at all. It was very real. She noticed it was more real when she stopped falling and was heading back up. She saw she was being held by Spider-Man.

            “Spider-Man!” she cried.

            “Hey, how are you doing?” Spider-Man asked.

            Spider-Man and Gwen reached the cliff. They were just in time to see the Guardians of the Galaxy shrinking the Chief Stardust Ghost and squeezing it into a metal jar and throwing it down in a hole.

            “Spider-Man, where are we? What’s going on?” Then she looked at his chest. Two holes of blood were showing on his suit.
            “It’s a long story, Miss Stacy,” Spider-Man said. “These aliens here are the Guardians of the Galaxy and they’re going to take us back to Earth when the mission is done.”

            An explosion made them turned to see lava shoot up from the hole the metal jar had been dropped into. Then they were all covered up in dust. They looked up to see the Stardust Ghosts disintegrating and landing on the ground.

            “Are they dead?” Spider-Man asked.

            “Well, if they’re not dead, at least they’ve shrunk,” Rocket said.

            Spider-Man took that as a ‘Yes’. Then he turned to Gwen, who was looking sad and confused. “I know you’re upset and confused, Miss Stacy, but do you mind telling me after we get onto their ship and we started flying back to Earth?”

            Though she nodded, Spider-Man knew Gwen was getting more confused or more frightened as they headed to the Benetar.

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