The Stardust Ghosts

(Spectacular Spider-Man + Guardians of the Galaxy). After he gets sent to another universe by dangerous golden dust, Spider-Man teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to get to the bottom of this galactic mystery and maybe even his own personal issues...


8. The Next Step

Spider-Man and the Guardians were surprised to find themselves not surrounded by falling mortar, metal walls and chemicals but by the seats of the Benetar.

            “I am Groot,” Groot said.

            “No idea,” Rocket said. “How did we exactly get back up here?”
            “That would be my teleportation device here.” Gamora showed them a metal device with a blue button around it.

            “I thought I was the gadget master on this ship,” Rocket said.

            “Well, you thought wrong,” Gamora said. “And before you ask, I did not learn from you.”

            Spider-Man took his mask off. “Did you really make that yourself, Gamora?”

            Before she could answer, the ship started to wriggle.

            “Everyone, to your positions!” Quill ordered. He sat in the pilot’s seat and started to fly the ship away.

            Parker saw that the ship was still in the middle of the factory and they were zooming out of it. They found the giant entrance of the factory and started to speed for it, but it was immediately filled with sand.

            “Oh, great!” Rocket moaned. “How are going to get out of here now?”

            Parker turned to his left and saw a metal wall. It gave him an idea. “Can you turn right and make a hole?”

            Quill turned the ship around to the right and quickly saw what Parker meant. “Well, what are you waiting for, Rocket? Cut a hole!”

            While Rocket was busy cutting the hole with the gun turrets, everyone was checking the rest around the ship. The walls and ceilings were breaking apart and the building was filling up with sand quickly.

            “You might want to hurry up, guys,” Gamora said.

            “Might?” Drax scoffed. “You must hurry up!”

            “All right, shut up and let me work!” Rocket snapped.

            Quill saw that time was running out and, though Rocket hadn’t even finished shooting half a circle, he decided to push the Benetar forward and knock the top half over. It worked, though it dented the ship. Everyone was relieved as they were off the planet and back into space again.

            “All right, let’s go and sort these Stardust Ghosts once and for all,” Quill said.

            “But we don’t even know where they are,” Drax said.

            “Oh, yes, we do.” Rocket got out his tracker. “I threw a tracking device on Gwen’s leg. She’s with them and so wherever they go she’ll be there.”

            Everyone gathered around the tracker. It showed a map of the galaxy and a red dot was flashing on a planet.

            “According to this, they must be invading Morag.”

            “Set a course,” Quill said. “Then let’s get some rest and food. We will need all the energy to sort these Stardust Ghosts out once and for all.”



During their rest, Parker barely ate his share of Groot’s vegetables. It wasn’t because of Drax’s over burnt cooking again; it was because he was thinking about how he could possibly save Gwen. He was worried what if the only way to save Gwen was to kill her. He thought of begging the Guardians not to do that, but he didn’t know them that well with only being with them for two days and they would probably say that no one girl is more important than the whole universe. Even if they did say that, who was he to judge? He had responsibilities as Spider-Man for the whole of New York, not just Gwen. Having thought that, he wished he could spend more time with her.

            Then Mantis gasped as her antennas lit up. “We are under attack.”

            “To your seats, everyone,” Quill ordered.

            “We haven’t even had half an hour,” Drax complained, as he sat down.

            Once everyone sat down, they all saw through the windscreen a giant swarm of Stardust Ghosts was welcoming them.

            Rocket began to shoot them.

            “What are you doing?” Quill snapped. “You know you can’t kill them.”

            “But we’re making a hole, aren’t we?” Rocket protested.

            Rocket did have a point. He was making a hole through the swarm and they were passing through. But the ship was still getting attacked by the ghosts outside and it was shaking and rumbling violently. Quill decided to punch the ship at maximum boost. Spider-Man and the Guardians were getting space sick.

            “Are we nearly there yet?” Spider-Man asked.

            “Why?” Rocket snapped. “You got a mask to be sick in, haven’t you?”

            Then the ship slowed down. The boost had run out, but at least they were entering Morag’s atmosphere.

            “Well, so far so good,” Quill said.

            Neither Spider-Man nor the other guardians could think or feel the same. They were feeling very queasy and felt like dying, though they knew they didn’t want that really.

            Then they looked ahead to see they were approaching the rocky landscape of the planet and a new swarm of Stardust Ghosts. Rocket fired at them again, but the turrets didn’t last as long as the first swarm. He found out that the ship had no bullets left.

            So the Benetar had no bullets and no juice for boosting and a whole swarm of Stardust Ghosts were still around them. Then Spider-Man had an idea. He ran back as if he was heading to cargo bay.

            “Hey, where are you going, Parker?” Drax asked.   

            Quill knew what Spider-Man was thinking of doing. “Drax, follow him and stop him!”

            As Drax did as he was ordered, Quill kept on doing his best to avoid the swarm. Then he had no more to avoid. Either he dodged them completely or they dodged him.

            Then Drax returned to the cockpit. No one needed him to tell them that Spider-Man went out to get those evil ghosts to away from them, but he did.

            “Great job preventing him from putting himself at risk,” Quill said.

            “But he is out there, putting himself at risk.”

            Quill groaned at Drax’s lack of getting sarcasm.

            “Or maybe he’s using them to find Gwen,” Gamora said.

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