The Stardust Ghosts

(Spectacular Spider-Man + Guardians of the Galaxy). After he gets sent to another universe by dangerous golden dust, Spider-Man teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to get to the bottom of this galactic mystery and maybe even his own personal issues...


10. Back on Earth?

Quill and Gamora were hanging outside the guest bedroom. Spider-Man emerged out and took his mask off.

            “How’s she coping?” Gamora asked.

            “She says she’s fine, but I can tell that she’s still confused and finding that she’s in space and those evil aliens inside of her hard to believe. And she’s heartbroken that Peter Parker died in front of her. I’m not sure how to help her more.” Then Parker went off.

            Quill and Gamora entered the room and saw Gwen crying.

            “Can we get you anything, Gwen?” Quill asked.

            Gwen just kept on crying.

            “What if we told you that what you saw happened to your friend was just a fake vision?” Gamora said.

            Gwen stopped crying. “Fake vision? Like a mirage?”

            “Yeah,” Quill said. “That planet that we’ve just been on tends to have a lot of mirages.”

            “What about the aliens inside of me? Was that a mirage as well?”

            “I wish I could say there were, but no,” Gamora said. “But your body is well rid of them and won’t come at all.”

            “So Peter Parker wasn’t on that at all?” Gwen asked.

            “Well, not his body, but his deep feelings for you were,” Gamora said. “You see, when we discovered that those things were hiding in your body and we were struggling to find a way to get them out of you, we tracked down your relatives and friends back on Earth. And, for the purposes of saving both you and the universe, we had to find out who – ”

            “Who I loved the most,” Gwen finished.

            “And we found out that he has the same feelings for you,” Quill said. “If it wasn’t for your mutual feelings for each other, you would have died along with the whole universe.”

            Gwen couldn’t believe it. “He’s still alive and he still loves me.” She broke into tears but this time it was for happiness.

            “Well, I hope you’re ready to see him,” Quill said. “Because we’re just outside of Planet Earth and we’ll be ready to teleport you back soon.” He got out his handkerchief for her to dry her eyes as she followed him and Gamora to their teleport device. It was merely a flat metal platform with a small screen and keyboard in front of it.

            “You got it ready, Rocket?” Quill asked.

            “Well, it’s the first test so don’t expect any overnight successes,” the raccoon said.

            That worried both Spider-Man and Gwen. Spider-Man took Quill to one side. “Did you guys invent it?”

            Quill chuckled. “No, we stole it from some bad guys only so they wouldn’t be able to teleport to other planets and do bad guy stuff. We’ve never used it for ourselves until now.”

            “It’s ready for a test now,” Rocket said. “The sooner you get on, the sooner we’ll get you back to Earth.”

            Spider-Man and Gwen went onto the teleport platform and held each other’s hand.

            “Thanks for getting us back home,” Spider-Man said.

            Quill smiled. “After the two of you helped us to get rid of those Stardust Ghosts, it was the very least we can do. Now, take care both of you.”

            Spider-Man and Gwen waved goodbye with their free hands. Then they saw more blue lighting took over them and the Benetar and the Guardians of the Galaxy vanished.



Spider-Man groaned as he opened his eyes. He saw that he was on a beach. He hoped it was a beach on Planet Earth. He saw a sign that said, ‘Welcome to Myrtle Beach.’ He was relieved that he was on Earth at least. Then he heard a big thud. He turned to see it was Gwen. The Guardians may not have landed them at the right town but it was the right planet and the right country. Peter Parker reminded himself of that as he took his Spider-Man outfit off behind a rock. And the sunset was setting which was good because he was getting tired.

            After he finished changing, he heard a loud scream. He saw Gwen was sitting upright and looked like she was panicking. He started to run to her.

            “Gwen! Gwen! Are you all right?”

            She turned to face him, seemed a little nervous and started to crawl away from him.

            “Gwen, it’s me, Peter Parker.”

            Gwen stopped moving.

            “Peter? Is it really you? For real?”

            Peter approached her slowly and knelt to her. “Yeah, Gwen. For real.” Then he was wrapped up in her arms.

“Tell me it’s really you, Peter,” she said nervously. “Tell me I’m back on Earth.”

            Peter gently broke free from her embrace to hold her hands. “It’s okay, Gwen. It’s really me. You’re on Earth and in Myrtle Beach, U.S.A.,” he assured her.

            “Are you okay?” she asked.

            “Me? I’m fine. It’s you I’m worried about. What happened?” Then he was embraced again and that this time he felt tears pouring down his neck. “Are you all right? Do you want to tell me about it?”

            “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Gwen sobbed.

            “Come on,” Peter said gently, as he helped Gwen up. “Let’s find some place for the night so you can rest better.”



Back on the Benetar, the Guardians were pleased to find their teleportation was a success. Rocket was frustrated that the teleporting device wouldn’t work and most of the Guardians were disappointed that they couldn’t use it for their benefits. Quill and Gamora were the only ones glad it was broken so they couldn’t abuse the power of teleportation.

            “Earth’s just down there if you want to go back to it, Peter,” Gamora said. “Now would be the perfect chance.”

            “The perfect chance to what? Miss out exploring the universe, hanging with my friends and do the rest of the universe justice? I don’t think so. Now, let’s take a vacation, shall we? Anyone know any tropical planets?”

            As the Guardians argued with tropical planet was the best one for taking a vacation, Quill just flew the ship away from Earth. He felt that he had nothing to go back for. He had no family there, no friends there and no interest in the latest music there.

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