Good Morning

Just a little thing to write. Nothing special. It's just here if it's peaked your interest, if not, then please, continue with what you're doing.


2. Good Morning World of Death

I finally did it guys. I got the first chapter of my only book out. Please enjoy! It took me awhile but yeah I got it out! I finally decided that I had enough to at east put out the first chapter. Honestly I'd like to do more, but I know it sucks to only have the prologue of a story and be stuck wondering what would happen next. So, I decided to put it out anyways and if I don't like it, I'll go back in and change it. Same goes for you. If any of you decide you don't like something, or have corrections, or questions, please, feel free to tell me. I want to hear your opinion! I ask that you be honest. I'd love to hear from you. Welp. I guess that's it. Please enjoy! And tell what you think! :)

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