the best dream ever



1. the best dream ever

June 10, 2014

    One day there was a girl named Faith. Faith loves soccer and she always dreamed of having a real friend. Her goal is to play in the championship soccer tournament and win once. She is determined to accomplish that goal and signs up for spring soccer. The first practice comes and goes. It's a coed team and no one knows how to play. She is going to turn that around. Her coach never did anything so she decided to take over and of course the real coach didn't care. Someone else wanted to help coach though. His name was Tyler. Faith really didn't know who he was or how good he was. Tyler showed her how good he was by stealing a ball from my feet and doing all these fancy tricks down to the net and shoots. He dribbles the ball back and about 1/3 of the way back he juggles the ball while still coming towards the team.

Tyler- So, am I good enough to help you coach?

Faith- uh, yeah... sure.

Faith didn't know what exactly to do next but stare into his deep green eyes. Tyler snapped her back to reality and they were great coaches together while there original coach was making out with her boyfriend very disturbingly. The first game comes around the corner and in order to make the playoffs they need to win three games out of four. The first game was just a scrimmage and didn't count just to have real playing time. So the other team was going through Faith's team as if they were not even there all during the first half. The scour at half time was 0-17. So since Faith and Tyler are the best on the team they decided to go in the game. Tyler plays forward and Faith is in the net. In the first five minutes of the second half, Tyler scores three goals and Faith saved five. The final score was 8-17, and even though they lost they learned a lot of things that they need to work on in practice for the next game. They added practices to three a week and every Saturday they would scrimmage. Five weeks went by and the they were actually in the Championship game. They did lose a game and that team is who they are facing. They improved a lot in that time but are now facing the hardest team in the league. Faith was pacing playing with the top of her jersey. Tyler came over and pulled her aside for a little coaches talk.

Tyler- you OK? Nervous?

Faith- no, I'm fine.

Tyler- no, you are nervous. You always play with your jersey when you are.

Faith- do you think the team is ready?

Tyler- I hope so. I mean this is the hardest team in the league and we beat all the others.

Faith- I always dreamed of winning the championships. We worked so hard for this.

Tyler- you worked your butt off and we did an amazing job coaching this team together. And if we don't win then we go down trying doing our absolute best, then we get up and try again.

Faith- thanks Tyler.

The referee blew his whistle and they went up to flip the coin. They lost and got ball first. Then they went over to their team and had a pep talk to get them in the game.

Faith- OK guys this is it. We worked so hard to get here and you all deserve to win this game. Go out there with the intention to crush them. But remember if we do end up not winning it's not the end of the world. We will go down as a team knowing we did the best we could and we will get back up again and try again until we succeed.

Faith smiles over at Tyler for stealing his inspirational talk and he smiles back at her.

Tyler- Wolves on three 1,2,3

team- WOLVES!

Then the starting line up all ran out to the field ready to win this game. Faith and Tyler were waiting till the second half to go in so they could have enough energy to save the team if they are badly losing. Faith was still really nervous and still playing with her Jersey. Tyler came over to her and told her not to worry and sat down with her on the bench. They were doing pretty good but not good enough to win the game. The first half ended with a tying score of 3-3. the second half Tyler went forward and faith went in twelve minutes later for left defense. The score was still 3-3 and there was less than a minute in the game. The left forward was not seeing any of the plays Tyler was trying to make so Faith switched with him and helped Tyler finish one of the plays. Tyler passed Faith the ball and she kicked it into the goal. It missed the goal but went off of one of the other players so the referee called it a corner ball. Tyler had the most accurate corner kicks so he took it. Faith was standing near the goalkeeper and he kicked the ball. It went right into the center of the box and right to Faith. She headed the ball into the net and it was in. the ball went in and the team was screaming in victory the referee blew the whistle as soon as the ball was started and Faith and Tyler's team one the championship. Faith runs to Tyler and gives him a huge hug. He picks her up and swings her around and then places her down and they are the only two people there.

Tyler- I knew you could do it.

Faith- we did it. Together.

Faith has her arms still wrapped around his neck and his hand go to her waist and brings her closer in and kisses her. When they both look at each other it was like looking at someone for the first time in a totally new way.

Faith- I knew you were the one.

Tyler- I knew you were mine.

                                    The End

Word count: 1,035


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