the girl on the rocks



1. the girl on the rocks

December 28, 2015

    This story is about how I met my fairy tale ending. My name is Nichole and I am 14 years old and live near the water. I love to read about fantasies. I love these stories because sometimes I wish I was one. My brother and sister always fight and my parents are never around. I always go down to the beach near my house and read and write. I write about how I feel and my dreams for life. I went to go sit down by water in my special spot. It has just enough sun and far enough from the water where I won't get wet. I go every day after school and the same thing happens every day. I go sit in the sand, do my homework, read a chapter or two in my book, then write a story and if I have time afterwards I will go back to reading or just admire the scenery of the sunset and the waves crashing on the rocks and shore. But today was different. After I did my reading I stopped to just look out to the ocean. The sky was starting to darken, the waves were calm and the boats in the distance going their separate ways. Before I start to read again I see a splash far enough from the shore but still visible. I stand up to go to the tip of the water where the waves dye and the current brings it back to create a new wave. At first I thought the ripples were just from a rack barely reaching the air. But it looked like it was coming closer. I could finally see what it was but was shocked at what I saw that it couldn't be true. It had a long tail and beautiful brown hair flowing with the waves. It was a mermaid. I stood in total awe and didn't know what to do. She told me to not be scared and that her name was Scarlett.

Scarlett- do not be afraid but I have been watching you for a while from a distance.

Nichole- OK. This can't be true. Mermaids are not real I just write about them in a story. It's all fictional!

Scarlett- I know how you are feeling but it's true. I have noticed about you that you are not like other humans and love to be by the water. The same time everyday you come down to the water and leave when it gets dark and do the same thing the next day all by yourself for so long. Not many people like to be along for so long.

Nichole- yeah. I guess I don't have that many friends and love to be alone and think in peace and quiet.

Scarlett- I see. Would you mind me asking you to do something.

Nichole- sure. What is it?

Scarlett- If you are comfortable with it, I would like you to come with me for a little while.

Nichole- like go underwater and see how you live?

Scarlett- yeah. And don't worry about the differences between you and me. I will take care of that.

Nichole- OK then. That would be amazing.

I was so excited to go with Scarlett but also a little scared. Scarlett gave me a bottle of colorful liquid that I had to drink and it has the power inside to change me into a mermaid while I am under water and will stop working once I am above the water. I stepped into the water and when fully under I was transformed into a mermaid. Scarlett took my hand and we swam away. It seemed as if we were swimming for an hour into total emptiness. But we finally got to where Scarlett was taking me. It looked nothing like how I imagined it to look. There was a bunch of buildings and abandoned ships and one massive palace that everyone was coming and going from. Scarlett was taking me to her home. On the way there we bumped into Scarlett's best friend Olivia. Olivia was taking a bunch of little mermaid kids to the playground. The kids were so cute. Olivia had hair red as fire and apparently was a teacher. They go to the same school and Scarlett just let Olivia do what she was doing. She didn't acknowledge me at all and when she left she just smiled to Scarlett and gave me a death stare.

Scarlett- I'm sorry about her. She can be a little...

Nichole- judgmental.

Scarlett- well yes. But she follows the rules. Humans are banned from our land since they started treating fish so badly. If they ever found out about us it would be the end of Mermaids. Olivia found out about you when she was spying on me. She knew I was going to the shore line everyday and that's also against the rules. She is my best friend and that is why she hasn't told anyone about me breaking both rules.

Nichole- is that why you were spying on me for so long.

Scarlett- I needed to know that you could be trusted with our secret life.

We continued to swim and she saw her other friend Landon. Landon had blond hair and green eyes. Scarlett introduced me and he was actually kinda cute. Landon started asking me questions I couldn't answer so Scarlett came in to save me and her form letting anyone else know that I am not actually a mermaid. Scarlett dragged me away to her father Jonah. She told me to let her do all the talking. He can be kinda temperamental. We headed towards a big castle and I realized it was her home. Her father was the king and she has to be a princess. Her sister Ariella was talking to her dad and didn't end well. He yelled at her to leave and she passed us.

Ariella- he is not in the best of moods right now.

Scarlett- what happened? What did you ask him?

Ariella- I only asked him if me and Bryan can go to the cliff tomorrow night.

Scarlett- he said no because he is your boyfriend.

Ariella- true. well good luck in there. Both of you.

Scarlett- thanks.

Scarlett took my hand and we went in front of Jonah's throne to speak with him. I could feel the tension in her hand and I didn't know why.

Scarlett- hello father. This is my friend Nichole.

Jonah- What do you want?

Scarlett- Nichole writes stories.

Jonah- so?

Scarlett- so can we make that deal that we discussed earlier?

Nichole- What deal Scarlett?

Jonah- the girl doesn't even know what you are talking about.

Scarlett- Nichole, my father and I made a deal earlier this month about breaking the barrier between humans and mermaids. My father promised me if I could find a human that believes that we can be valued as equals to bring that human to him.

Nichole- and I am that human.

Jonah- precisely. You see, Scarlett and I said if we can find someone we can trust that they will find people they trust to understand who we are not what we are. We want someone who can search for children who love us and believe in us without knowing we exist. Can you be responsible with this task?

Nichole- yes sir. I can do that.

I was working with mermaids and the royal family. This is unbelievable because just this morning I thought all my stories were fiction but it turns out what I have been writing about is actually real and now I am experiencing part of it. Scarlett and I are ready to go back to the land and start my task. But on the way we run into Landon.

Scarlett- Landon we really can't talk now. We have to leave.

Landon- but I need to talk to Nicole, just for a second.

Scarlett- we really need to go.

Landon- Nichole I just wanted to ask you if you would want to go out with me tonight?

Nichole- Um... I would love too... but...

Scarlett- but she just can't Landon. But she can do what Ariella and Bryan do.

Landon- I see. Nichole do you want to?

Nichole- sure. What do they do?

Landon- They do this.

Landon was smiling at me and so was Scarlett who backed away. Landon came closer to me and gave me a kiss. I was magical up until he stopped and I couldn't breathe. Scarlett gave me a worried look and swam to me nervously.

Landon- what's wrong with Nicole?

Scarlett- nothing just help me bring her to the surface! Now!

Without question Landon grabbed an arm and so did Scarlett and swam as fast as they could to the surface. I reached the top and could finally breathe. I coughed for a little bit and was extremely exhausted. They swam to a dock close by and picked me up and placed me on the dock to lye down. They jumped up and sat on the end next to me.

Scarlett- stupid. Stupid. Nichole I am so sorry for this. I totally forgot about how humans can't kiss a merman or mermaid with the potion. I am so sorry.

Nichole- its OK. We were all lost in the moment. It's not your fault.

Landon- so... you're a human.

Nichole- yeah.

Landon- Oh.

Nichole- I'm sorry for not telling you. I just thought that you were really cute and if you didn't find out about this I could go out with you.

Landon- well, I did like you too and that's why I kissed you. I just feel really bad for almost killing you.

Nichole- I should have known better.

Landon- What do you mean?

Nichole- I mean how you are a merman and Scarlett is a mermaid and a princess and I am just a girl with no friends and no family to turn to. The only friends I have had are fictional and I create them. Or I read about them in a story. I bet no one is even worried about me right now.

Scarlett- Nichole that is so not true. You are amazing and you already have two new friends. I have read your stories and you are really talented and one day other people are going to say the same thing.

Landon- yeah. In the short time I have known you I can already tell that you are a bold and independent young woman, funny and apparently a great writer. Look, you are going to do amazing thing and change how humans see us.

Nichole- thanks guys. You really are the best friends I can have. Even if you are just a Mermaid and a merman.

Landon and Scarlett- Hey.

Nichole- kidding. You have already changed my life so much and inspired me to just be myself and great thing will come eventually. I will really miss you.

Scarlett- you don't think we are leaving forever do you?

Nichole- well I do need help getting back to shore.

Landon- not that. We can always come back and visit you and with a special necklace you can become a mermaid anytime you want.

Scarlett- and you will be able to kiss this guy without him killing you.

Landon- hey I didn't know!

Scarlett gave me the necklace and told me that in order for it to work I have to be fully under water and when I am above the water I will change back into a human. Landon was my boyfriend eventually and Scarlett was my best friend. I went to work on finding kids who are interested in sea creatures and mythological stories. Scarlett and Landon would work with me to help them and gave them a potion to transform into a mermaid or merman for a day. I help other people reach their dream of believing and seeing fantasy creatures and I reached my dream of changing my life.

                                        The End

word count: 2,008


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