HayLee Haunted



1. Chapter One- The Girl

As Danny, Sam, and Tucker walked to school, Danny continued to tune out Sam and Tucker’s argument about radical nonsense, as he thought of the previous occurrences that had recently happened just that morning. There was something odd about him hauling butt on the ghosts so early in the morning. It was as if... he felt another presence. Always nearby, but never seen. 

"Danny?" Sam asked again. 

"Huh? What?" Danny said, snapping out of his thoughts.

"We asked you what you thought. Y'know, about the ghosts this morning?" Sam asked summing up the longer question that had been asked while Danny wasn’t paying attention.

"So, and correct me if I’m wrong, but you guys felt it too?" Danny questioned.

"If by 'it' you mean a horrible feeling that someone or something was watching us and still is, then yes we felt it too." Tucker said in a quick sentence. 

"Well what do you think it was?" Danny inquired, turning his attention to Sam, as if directly asking her. 

Sam shrugged. 

"I-I-I think I might have an I-dea...." Tucker stuttered. 

Danny turned his attention away from Sam and towards Tucker only to notice he was pointing at something lurking in the shadows, watching them. Danny slowly approached the figure, but it deepened within the shadows and ran down an alleyway. Danny began to chase after the figure, with a feeling of concern in his stomach. "Wait! Stop!" He yelled. But as he turned what seemed like the millionth corner, he reached a dead end. "Where did they- -.” From behind him, Danny heard wine or beer bottles knock over with a clank! He swiftly spun around and saw a girl standing before him. Danny cleared his throat and spoke loudly. "Why have you been watching us?" The girl did not answer. "Well? Why have you been watching us!?" Danny asked again, this time more stern. "I didn’t mean too.... I just...." The girl trailed off in the middle of her sentence, unsure of what to say. Danny sighed. "You can come out. From the shadows. I’m not gonna bite." Hesitantly and slowly, the girl inched out from the shadows to reveal her face. She had black, smooth hair, blue eyes, slightly pale skin, and wore a red crop top with a fishnet design.

"What’s your name?" Danny questioned. 


Danny said nothing for a moment, leaving the two in silence. Then he reached out his hand and offered to shake. "Names Danny. Nice to meet you, HayLee." HayLee awkwardly took Danny's hand and they both politely shook. They put their arms at their sides and everything became silent again. "So, why where you following my friends and I?" Danny inquired again, this time more subtle. "I noticed you were talking about Casper HighSchool." HayLee said softly, barely heard by Danny. They both started to walk out of the alleyway. "What about Casper High got you so interested that you would follow us?"  "Well, you see, my mother and I have just moved here from... Colorado and I’m supposed to be transferring into a new school, which just so happens to be Casper High."

"I see. Well in that case, I'd Be happy to helps show you to Casper."  

HayLee smiled, blushing slightly. "Come on, its this way." As Danny and HayLee walked  out of the alleyway and its shadows, into the sun they went and approached Tucker and Sam. 

"What took you so long?" Tucker asked Danny. 

Danny took a step to the side revealing HayLee, and looking at Sam, she could see that the strangely dressed girl was furious. Sam stormed towards HayLee. "You’ve got some nerve stalking us! What kind of creep follows people for the pleasure!?" Trying to stand up for herself, HayLee said (or should I say stuttered), "P-p-please just let me explain!" "Oh no you don’t! You don’t get that privilege!" Suddenly, Sam felt a hand be gently placed upon her shoulder. 

"Sam, if you would, please calm down. There really is an explanation for this." Danny spoke with calmness in his voice. 

"Well maybe we could go through this later? Because we’re about to be- -....”

Before Tucker could finish his statement, he was cut off by the distant sound of a school bell ringing. "...late ..." 

"Crap!" Sam exclaimed. 

"Okay, if we run we might make it before final bell!" Danny stated. 

"Then let’s go!" 

Tucker and Sam bolted off towards the school, and just as Danny was about to take off, he stopped. Turning around and facing HayLee, he asked, "You coming?" HayLee smiled as Danny started running, with HayLee short on his heels.

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