A girl, and her twin, are the only two vampires that are born a full blooded vampire, and when their school gets burnt down to find them they realize just how much they would be and asset to the Others. The Others are a group of vampire, or in some cases, dhampir or half vampire, who want to get rid of all werewolves, but because of her friendship with a group of werewolves and her own beliefs she has to do her best to keep herself and her brother away from them.


1. Chapter One

"I guess I should say it because no one else will." I whisper to my best friend Sam, who stays where she is, but tries to smother her giggle behind her history book. I stand up, "Um, excuse me but what is a 'sub'?" I ask politely and innocently.


"Oh, pardon me, I didn't know we had any 2nd years with us." He pauses, "A sub is a werewolf how can be enslaved by Vampires, by biting them without drinking." He pauses, so I take my chance.


"Can you un-enslave them?" I ask. My question is met by silence. You could hear a pin drop.


"I'm sure you won't come to this situation, but no, you can't. The only way to free them is for them to die.


"Are you saying not all weres are subs?" Asks another person.


"Yes, not all are sub but it is very common." He goes on and I don't speak up for the rest of class, until I hear my name- someone is gossiping about it. Again. I walk up to them, two boys,both dhampir from the look of it. "Hey y'all," I say, my accent coming out a little, "I just love the fact that you think that my family name is hot and all, but the way you talk makes you seem like you want to meet the king,ebut do you really?" I give them a tiny shrug and turn around to where Sam was waiting. Sam was trying to not laugh at the boys, and failing, to congratulate me for being an ass to the boys who look ashen. I tell her I have to go, she gives me a nasty look but still lets me go.


The king around here is my father, I'm not completely sure of why, but it has to do with the fact that my brother, Jacob, and I were born, twins. Vampires aren't supposed to be born, much less be able to have two born at the same time. It also has to do with our wealth, but most Vampires are wealthy. I head out of the school, thanking that we only live two miles from the school. I slip off my shoes off and run, arriving about half a minute alter. Vampires, like myself, can run extremely fast and for a long time. I still live at school though, as it is a part of the school contract. The maid, Maya lets me in and takes my jacket, just as my throat starts to close and my stomach rumbles. I walk into the living room to find my mother.


"Mother? I wanted to ask you something."


"Oh? What is it my dear" Mothers light blue eyes flare up instantly.


"Um well, When is the hunger supposed to hit, like how often?" I ask, hoping the intensity of her eyes is left over from her drink.


"Ah, my child, it comes when it thinks you need it." She winks at me, almost like she has another meaning. I shrug and go find my brother. Jacob lives in the guest house, or pool house, so he gets to pretty much do whatever he wants.


Jacob and I are the only dark haired Vampires, or even dhampirs ever.  I thought that that was bad from the time I was 10 until recently, realizing that it is better to look and act different, it makes us unique. His eyes are dark green, and mine are light blue. I also might be the only clumsy Vampire. In history. I knock on the door and see Jacob opening the door, looking like her just woke up. Point one for me, zero for him! Also, we don't live in the same house ever, because my parents figured out when we were little that when you have 2 young Vampires they can get in some pretty major fights, and no one wants to get caught in one of those fights. Young Vampires and some dhampirs have more power than really strong older Vamps, hence why they are banned, but we are a special case it seems. My Aunt lets me stay at home until I started going to this school. I smile at Jay, My silly nickname for him, the one he hates.


"Hey." I say as he lets me in. Most people think that we get in so many fights because we aren't close, which is false, we are really close. "Can we talk?" I ask. he nods as we head to the kitchen, He runs his hand through his hair before rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, trying to wake up. I start loading the dishwasher. Yes, I clean my brothers house, for money. My parents don't give me allowance. so I have to go with him paying me.


"Whats up?" He asks, and waits a few moments before asking again. "Cassie? What did you do?" I sigh.


"Nothing yet, I just have a few questions to ask you. I wanted to know about when the hunger goes away, and why weren't you at school,. " I glance at him, he runs his hand through his hair, he doesn't know how to answer the first one and ignores the last one. "I'm asking about the hunger because it started when I was at school last month. All I want to know is how to get rid of it and how often it hits." With vamps it seems like boys always have to go through the hunger phases first.


"Oh, Um, ugh, I'm not exactly an expert on this, but it seems to hit when you feel a rush of emotion, like rage, love, or embarrassment. Anything really." He dodged my 2nd still.


"And you being at school?" I ask, starting to hand wash pots and pans.


He raises an eyebrow, "I needed alone time." I see him lie everyday, why does he think he can still lie to me? We have to lie to the school, who thinks he lives in the dorm we rented for him.


"Is that why is Henry here?"


"Huh?" He plays dumb.


"I can smell your human friend. Henry, you can come out of the guest room." Shout to him. he comes out, feet dragging.


"Hi Cass, i'm not doing so hot..." He slurs. Henry the human is the only human to know the secret of the Fireblood family (my family), and that's only because he watched his family being murdered by a set of Vamps, he only got out because he was told about Vamps by Jacob. Jacob lets him stay with him, which honestly consisted of partying and drinking. I dry the dishes and wave bye to the boys and head back to school.


Sam, as usual was waiting for me, and as usual, had Alex and James with her. Alex was holding her hand. To be completely honest, Alex and James are the same person. When they were little and they were the same person they had two separate personalities. A rogue witch had been in a fit of rage and split their personalities, creating two different people, so one got named Alex, and the other James.


"Yo, how's he?" James asked. I shrug.


"Good, still hanging with Henry." I forgot that Alex and James were friends with Jacob before and after the switch. Before they were inspirable, and after they were like the three musketeers. Until Jacob got framed for killing a werewolf and a human, which it was actually Alex and James's "dad" who did it. "So, what's today?" I ask. Sam, an organized girly girl, has our whole month planned, yesterday was hiking, the day before that was shopping.


"Rest day." Ughh! That means cheesy movies, Sam and Alex cuddling while trying to set me and James up, James on one hand doesn't like me, and I don't like him.


We all start heading to the movie room. yes, our school has a movie room, it really simple. Its first come first serve, you choose a movie and watch movies until your movie comes on. It's just a big room with tons of couches and a blank white wall that people use to project the movie on. We didn't choose, but we still go in and watch. It's a little cramped, even with Sam sitting on Alex's lap, but it works. The new Star Wars came on soon and we watch it, the next movie comes on, making me laugh, it's about a vampire getting killed by werewolves, classic. I could smell everyone who is in the room with us. Ethan's group of weres, along with Addie's group of dhampirs, all spoiled rich girly girls. Ant then there's Max. A dhampir who thinks that he doesn't need anyone, but to be honest, most people think that. He has been like this for the whole 2 years I've been here.


The couch jerks forward, pulling me out of my reverie. Ethan had accidentally hit our couch when they were wrestling. He mumbles a sorry to me. And by me, I mean me, mostly because he didn't make eye contact with anyone but me. I help him move the couch back and sit back down next to James. I've never done this but dhampirs and Weres keep their distance, they never mingle, and when they do its over snide comments. I think the same as all the other vampires, I just have enough decency not to speak my thoughts usually. But I do usually avoid werewolves. As my mind wanders I fall asleep.




Fire, smoke and trees surround me. I hear lots of voices. I choke and feel all of my strength leave my body. Alex and James are busy keeping Sam awake and running at the same time. My confusion finally goes over the deep end as someone's arms wrap around my waist and drags me deeper into the forest.




I wake up in a cold sweat. I learned long ago not to dismiss my dreams, but this time wasn't a vision, but I can't figure out who was dragging me. A documentary o dairy farms is playing on the wall. I tap Sam's leg. "I'm going to my room to get some sleep."


"Fine, but take James, since I know you aren't going to sleep, you just want to get outta here." She pretends to be fascinated by them movie, but goes right back to Alex when I turn around. James heard and had stood up, so we star heading out. "I did really just want to go to bed. I'm sorry." I tell him. He nods smiling.


"It did get me out of the ole as the third wheel a least."


"It also gets us out of being shipped together by Sam." I say, with him nodding and smiling, that is, until a lone thought out of him. Oh, yeah, I can read people's minds. James cringes.


"What?" I ask, even though we both know that I know. I can feel his thoughts mingle with my own. I dip my head, hiding my hair in my face and realize he is walking me to my room, just like any other day. I now know why Sam is trying so hard. He does like me, but it started after Sam started trying to put us together. coming into my room I pass the bed, purposefully leaving the door open, but going into the bathroom, and closing the door I change into a pair of dark skinny jeans a black tee-shirt and a hoodie, I hate school uniforms. I look around the bathroom to find a decent pair of shoes. I found a pair of black flats and I shove m feet into them.


When I come out of the bathroom he is still standing up against the door jam, watching me awkwardly, "You know that you can come in right?" When he doesn't say anything I flick my hair over my shoulder and jump onto my bed, once again grateful that I have my own room. I turn on my favorite T.V. show, the one that James is watching with me. I turn to him and smile sweetly at him.


"You cheated!" He says coming and sitting on my queen size bed next to me.


"At what game?"


"At me trying to figure something out." He smiles though. I wait for a moment, then ask him.


"Do you have it on?" In answer to my question he pulls out a chain from around his neck, a gift for anyone who meets me. A charmed arrow head is on it. It makes it so that I can't read someone's mind. But sometimes it fails. the charm must be wearing off, again. I lean back on my stack of pillows and watch as someone is brutally murdered, I smile and laugh with James as the cheesiness of all of it goes on. Still we watch until the warning bell surrounds the school. James and I reluctantly tear our eyes from the T.V.


I wait for James to move off the bed before starting to move my pillow and blankets into different positions that I like then to be. James heads out the door giving me a polite nod and hurries off to his dorm in another building where his "twin" and other roommate will be waiting to playfully scold  him when he shows up late. I quickly change into a pair of pajama bottoms and climb into bed, thinking that for once I might be able to wake up in time for once.


I don't even remember hitting the pillows.


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