Words from the Heart

Partly inspired by Par and May's "Poem of the Day" and my own feelings.

1. Gone

I thought you cared about my heart

I entrusted it to you that snowy night

When you decided to give it back

You couldn't hear the shatter

Or the silent screams

You didn't realize how deep

Broken glass can pierce

You would never understand

How much I still hurt

You promised me forever

And now you're gone

Gone forever

* * *

A/N: I'm trying my hand at poetry, and I'm pretty sure I suck at it. A girl can try, right? About the piece: if you read my note in Begin Again, you would know about the pain I suffered in October, and I still haven't fully recovered from that. This little ditty is what I've been feeling for a while now about the dirtbag, and yeah: the hurt doesn't go away that easily. No medication in the physical world can overcome a scarred soul.

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