Saving my best friend

Emily, that's me is a very special girl and doesn't know how important she is to her best friend Freddie until some bad people show up into her life. Freddie and Emily are the best of friends and emily will do anything to help people she cares about.
- this story shows how people care about people they love and will risk anything to save them. Even finding life they never knew existed.


1. saving my Best friend

Saving my best friend

Everything stopped, people were stood like statues all around me, people in cars, men on bicycles, babies in prams all lifeless, frozen in time. I was in lunch and the time was 12:35 when everything froze. The food launched in midair floats and the teachers yelling at students froze in a frustrating position. I was scared but mostly confused because I was not frozen. I was in a conversation with my friend Freddie and two other people and they just stopped eating and talking. I walked around to see if anyone else was not frozen. I seriously thought that I was all alone until I heard footsteps coming towards me. It sounded like they were running and grew louder and louder. I panicked and grabbed a book out of an open locker and pretended that I was frozen. Three men in well cut suits and hair appeared around the corner.

- sorry sir. I thought I heard someone.

- impossible. There is only one group of people that is able to stay unfrozen when the neutralizer is on. If anyone appears to be unfrozen when the neutralizer is on they are to be eliminated understood. Well the suspect is not here. Let's go.

I wait till the three me. Are out of sight. They dropped a piece of paper with an address and some kind of 5 digit code on it. I wonder what he meant when he said suspect. Maybe a teacher or student and why am I unfrozen and why do they want to eliminate me. I was lost in my train of thought when all of a sudden everything resumed to normal. No one realized what happened. I know that I have to get back to lunch before Freddie notices.

Freddie- Emily what happened to you? I was just talking to you and all of a sudden you disappeared.

Me- I.... ummm did anything strange happen in the last......

I looked at my watch and it said that the time was 12:36. I know for a fact that everyone was not frozen for just one minute. I was looking around the halls for close to five minutes. Is it possible that time really stopped?

Freddie- Emily!

Me- ...... what!

Freddie- you were just in mid sentence and we lost you. What were you thinking about? Are you all right?

Me- I... I am fine. I was..... just thinking about the math test.

Freddie- what math test? I think you need to go to the nurse.

Me- ok. Can you take me? I might have hit my head or I am just lightheaded.

Freddie took me to the nurse and I almost passed out in his arms. The nurse checked me out and I was fine. We both went back to gym class. We were playing dodgeball and I was really out of it which was not me. I am very into gym and love to participate but not today.

Freddie- are you sure you are ok.

Me- totally. Why?

Freddie- because you have gotten out three times and haven't thrown one ball yet. What's wrong?

Me- you wouldn't believe me if I tried to tell you.

Freddie- try me. I am your best friend.

Me- ok, well, at 12:35 lunch was going on and everything just stopped like everything except me.

Freddie- what? Are you saying time stopped and you were still moving?

Me- yes. It's crazy though. I am probably just going insane.

Freddie- I don't think you are going crazy or insane. You just need some rest. Just go home.

Me- ok. Thanks.

I went to the teacher to get a pass to the nurse, grabbed my bag and left. I was up the stairs when I heard Freddie call me in a worried tone.

Me- what Freddie. I am going home like you said.

Freddie- you might want to come and see this.

I ran down the stairs and walked into the gym to see a dodgeball floating in mid air and everyone frozen again but me. But this time was different. It was not just me unfrozen but Freddie is with me.

Me- oh my gosh I know what to do! Come with me.

I grab Freddie's wrist and unwillingly pull him to the athletic directors office where there is a microphone. I am going to regret this but do it any way to find out where those three people are and what they are doing.

Me- Freddie I need you to be quiet and after I am done talking into the speaker we run near the main office not being noticed or seen.

Freddie- same thing. But why?

Me- just trust me. I will explain it later. Ok here it goes.

- excuse the interruption I am in the main office.

Freddie and I ran towards the main office until we heard footsteps close by. We stopped in the middle of an empty hallway. I knew it was those three men. They started to run towards us. We had nowhere to go. I panicked as they came closer.

Me- Freddie what do we do. We can't stand here. They will know I can move because they saw me the last time.

Freddie- umm

Freddie just pulled me into the closet. We had no other choice it to hide and hope they won't find us.

Me- what are you doing?

Freddie- we needed to hide and this was the closest place. Now we need an excuse to be in the closet. Quick.

Me- I don't know. We can umm... maybe... kiss me.

Freddie- what?

Me- we were kissing in the closet. Now just do it. Quick they are coming.

Freddie came in and kissed me. We froze in that position into we knew the coast was clear. I heard footsteps right outside the door. The door started to slowly open. My hair stood on end, a shiver raced down my spine and a lump came to my throat. It was him. The man in the suit who wanted to eliminate me.

- what's in there?

- it's just a couple making out. Come see.

- I don't want to.... oh. Is that boy moving.

The man touched Freddie and he fell over. I was still standing totally still mostly petrified. He came closer and just stared at me. He took out some kind of device that scanned me.

- clear.

- and the boy?

He scanned Freddie and a red light went off.

- moving. What would you like to do with him sir?

- we will take him with us.

The man picked up Freddie and left. I wanted so badly to blow my cover but knew that I needed to save him. I was his only hope. I needed some way to follow them with out getting noticed. I paced back and forth until it hit me. Literally. The door opened in my face and it was the janitor. Time went back to normal.

Me- oh my thanks I was stuck in her for hours.

I ran out the door and through the main office ignoring the main desk people telling me I can't leave. I ran and saw the three men leaving in a car. Freddie was being forced into the car and they drove away. I needed to think quickly so I ran to my car and followed them with out them knowing. We drove over to an old run down marina. There were huge garbage barrels and trucks. It was muggy and damp. I was petrified that I would be seen and caught. I ran to the closest truck and hid behind. I saw Freddie about a mile away tied up to a dock pole. The three men were still there. I waited patiently for 20 minutes until they started hitting Freddie and dragged him into a boat. It was close to dark and Freddie was going somewhere I don't know about and might never see him again. I came to my senses and ran to a boater and pretty much stole his boat. The keys were there and I had one or two experiences driving boat. The boat took off and I followed. They were going really fast and off into the middle of the ocean to an unknown location. I started getting really worried and wondering if I was crazy doing this or fast thinking to save my best friend. The fog became very thick and hard to see through the water. I drove very carefully and followed the light in front of me. We were traveling for hours until we finally arrived at this mysterious island that looks abandoned. I docked the boat far enough away that the other people won't notice it. I noticed the boat and Freddie was being dragged of the boat very aggressively. They put him on the beach sand and a weapon was put to him and all of a sudden I see him fall to the ground. I think he is dead. I know he is dead. I just really hope that he was only stunned not.... you know....dead. My heart was racing and I felt like I failed. I tried so hard to save my friend and see what was really going on and why I was special. I swam to the beach from the boat. When I jumped in the water nearly balling my eyes out because I thought my friend was gone forever. I dove into the water and the most amazing thing happened. It was like I went into a different world. There was a whole bunch of fish and mermaids and the most amazing nature images ever only seen in dreams. A mermaid came over to me and took my hand. He (yes he) took my hand and swam with me to the beach. I went above water and saw Freddie move. I am certain that my heart started to work that very moment ever since it stoped when Freddie collapsed. One of the men saw me. He grabbed a man and pointed my way. He started to run towards me.

- Emily listen to me. Climb up these rocks and down them and you will find Freddie lying on the beach. Here pour this stuff on him and he will awake. Then go into the water and I will help you from then. Now go! Hurry you don't have much time!

I didn't respond but just did what he told me to do. I used all my will to climb up the rocks almost falling. The mermaid was trying to tell me something else but I couldn't hear him. I look back to see the man climbing after me. He didn't have a gun so I was thankful for that. I restated to myself what I had to do so I don't freeze up. My hands are weakening but I was almost there. I made it to the top. I reached the top and collapsed on to the ground. I wanted to just close my eyes and when I open them wake up at home all of this just a dream. It didn't work so I ran as fast as I could until all of a sudden I fall into the rocks. It was a hard fall and I think I broke my arm when I fell. I shook it off and I was determined to find Freddie. And I did. I got off the ground and stared up to see Freddie lying on the beach ground. I held my arm and ran to Freddie to pour the stuff on him and waited. Nothing happened. I was getting nervous that the stuff didn't work. The guys were running towards us and Freddie was still on the ground.

Me- Freddie please wake up. Please I can't loose you!

I start to sob right on his chest and still nothing. I decided that I had to pull myself together and drag him into the water. The men were getting closer and we needed to get out of here. I didn't come this far to give up or loose the battle. I drove a stolen boat by myself through fog, chased a car, talked to mermaids, climbed a Clift and risked my own life to save my best friend. I continued to drag his lifeless body to the water suffering through the pain. When we hit the water I dragged him farther in where I can get help from the mermaid. All of a sudden I heard a splash behind be. I thought for sure we were caught and going to die. But when I turned around it was Freddie. He was ok. I ran over to him and hugged him with my one good arm.

Me- oh my god Freddie your ok! I thought I lost you!

Freddie- are you ok. What wrong with your arm?

I smile and just tell him I am fine. Great even. Now that I know he is ok. But we do have to hurry because the bad guys are still chasing us. They are on the beach and really close to us. I grab Freddie and we dive down and swim. I can only swim with my one good hand. Freddie was just as amazed as I was. I swam till I saw that guy mermaid I was talking to earlier. He pointed to a cave and that's where we went. It was clear blue water and so calming. It took five minutes to get to the cave and I just couldn't do it any more. Freddie helped me through it and pulled me along with him. We finally reached the cave. When we entered the cave, it was full of crystals and really big. It had a small place to sit in the water. We sat down exhausted.

- are you two alright.

Me- yeh. Thank you so much. What is your name?

- my name is Youk.

Me- thank you so much Youk. You saved us.... Ah

Freddie- Emily. Your arm.

Me- it's fine Freddie. I am just glad I saved you.

Freddie- you didn't have to.

Me- umm I was in a car chase, stole a boat, drove a boat through fog, thought you died, climbed a cliff, got chased by bad guys, fell through a cliff and broke my arm just to save your butt.

Freddie- wow. You did all that today. Guess I underestimated you.

Me- hey! I take offense to that. I am just really glad that your ok.

Freddie- Im glad your ok too.

- sorry to break this moment but you two have to leave like now. I can bring you back to the boat and direct it to back where it came from and you it will be like you never left.

Me- what about those bad guys.

- don't worry about them. My friends sank there boat and they are just stranded here.

Freddie- what exactly did they do. And why is Emily and I special?

- I can't tell you what they do but one part is that they want to extinguish all mermaid life. Emily is special because she actually has the blood of a Mermaid.

Me- wait what?! I am a mermaid?!!

- not technically. Your mother was a mermaid and met your father who is a human. Your mother fell in love with him and she transferred into a human just to be with him. They actually met in this cave.

Freddie- so how did I stay unfrozen the second time?

Me- umm...... you had my phone on you.

Freddie- I did? Why?

Me- yeh. You took it when I was at the nurse and never gave it back.

- that makes sense. Your whole life is pretty much in your phone. Pictures, life stories and things on your mind. You are special and that's why you could breath under the water. Freddie also could breath under the water because he was holding your hand. Now we have to go.

Youk takes us back to the boat and we head off. Freddie and I were sitting down together and we both fell asleep. We arrived back to the dumpy marina after two hours. I was fast asleep and Freddie carried me to my car and drove my home. I woke up when he was taking me out of the car because of my arm hurting.

Freddie- sorry em did I hurt you.

Me- no everything is just fine perfect even.

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