Ship analyzer

This is a movel of logic were we take popular could/would/will be and sometimes astablished couple and we analyze everything about there romance using common sense .

I'll do otps ,brotps ,notps and any other just know my expertise is in cartoons so don't try not to recommend a media I don't know (or I'm not cought up in ) with out a link. :)

Oh and we can talk about it in the comments

1. intro

       Ok you guys I have to give credit where it's do .

Though I've had this idea for a long time  but what really inspired me to just do it was the Romance Scrooge on YouTube (and if your into cartoon like I am you should go check out her stuff ).

But here is some stuff to know :

I'm not trying to bash anyone's ship or OTP's ,but if logical analysis says it's probably not ment to be the best you can do is polity and intelligently tell me why I'm wrong ,with means no:


Me:*laughs it off if it's directed at me ,realized it's directed at at someone else in the comment * Ok then I'm report'n Yo behind ,right now !( If you get that reference your the most awsome person )

My update scedual is looking bleak but I'll see what I can do and when . I might do request so don't be afraid to ask . If I don't know what show or book or whatever your talking about is it may take longer for me to get to if at all,but that's the worst that can happen .



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