Nina Cosmos

We keep the Earth safe from unknown disasters
we save the world ;nobody does it faster
we are the baddest....
we are the metal classics!
we will protect this planet and its life and stone
well guard it all because it is our home
if evil meats us ......... weal send it to the med ,believe us
couse were Mer-cury Osmium and Lead ......and Nina !

Nina is a the nicest girl in Mountainsville . She lives with her three metal ,based ,masculine , extraterrestrial , roommates known as the Metal Classics. They use there magic powers to protect the Earth. And they're a band ,cause why not !

I don't own Steven Universe just what Evers in here. All wrights reserve to the AWSOME AND TALENTED REBECCA UGOGIRL SUGUR !!!!


1. Weapons and Instramentof life

     Nina Ann Cosmose  ran across the gondola cord like a tight rope ,which her mother absolutely  did not approve of  ,but she tolerated it since the mountain had more cliffs and snakes then she ever wanted around her daughter . 

The only magic power Nina had mastered so far was her super balance and a small amount of super agility and reflexes, so it was safe and she was use to it .

Thinking about this, she decided to do a cart wheel , then she stop to climb a near by tree and say high to a family of birds she knew .

She then hopped from tree to tree like a squirrel or a ninja or a ninja squirrel all while wearing her pink tights blue dress , pink flats, and blue sweater jacket , with a pink t-shirt with a big yellow Saturn like symbol .

She also had a solid black birth mark around her back and neck that touched either side off her magic coin shaped iron metal.

Finally she got to the end of the long  uncared for gondola and slide down to the ground safely,  looking at the blue cloudy sky past the snowy peak of the mountain then she ran inside of an old timey log cabin .

"Mercury ,Osmium, Lead, I'm home", she called to her guardians !

 "We're in the kitchen doing a little pest control", happily called Lead, a seemingly young man(16-20) with army boots , khakis with Saturn like symbols, with a Latin accent, a purple t-shirt with ,purple eyes, skin and hair  and a square shaped purple lead cube in his fore head as he slash a  giant rat like creature with his chain scythe and it poofed into a harmless metal piece !

She walked in the kitchen to find her friends poofing several rat like metal monsters with yellow fur and yellow metals .

"These cuties aren't going to hurt anyone " , Nina said as one walked up to her!

 It then roared at her , making Nina  grab the closest frying pan and start beating he creature with it !

'' KILL IT!KILL IT!'', she screamed !

All of a sudden creatures body was bisected except for its metal and its body poofed into a cloud.

"Its kilt ,its kilt .....well its poofed '', replied a thin young appearing man with a pointy noes, a light bluish grey  metal piece in his chest, with skin eyes and a labris of a similar color  , baggy orange pants and  hoody ,white cap with the Saturn like symbol and yellow hair and a belt purposely missing loops.

Another rat tried to pounce Osmium and it was met with a quick punch with out Osmium even turning to face it and a cracking sound could be herd from its neck before he poofed  .

"And so is that "he continued.

"Let me help ",Nina cheered going after more rats with her frying pan.

Nina was surly about to break a rats skull ,when the creature was poofed by a hammer slamming down on him and a big hand grabbed Nina by her jacket .

''Good afternoon, Nina  '' ,said the tall (30-37 in appearance ) man with mahogany skin, long curly black hair, a hat, and his teams symbol on his black jacket and his hammer,  jean with old looking black shoes and a slight smile ? 

" Mercury ,I wanna help ",said an annoyed Nina as she kicked her legs though she would go no ware .

" A civilized half-metal /half-human hybrid would wish me a good afternoon back", Mercury said before putting Nina's kicking legs on the head of a rat monster which hurt it a bit but mercury knocked it into the sealing making its metal fall in Mercury's hand to be bubbled .

"That was satisfying, BUT I SEE WHAT YOU DID.......I saw it ", responded Nina ,giving mercury a goofy fake stink eye.

Mercury simply chuckled and seemingly through his hammer directly through a rat causing it to vanish leaving nothing but a yellow metal . 

Pretty soon all the rats in the  building had been poofed and All the metals except Nina bubbled them away .

"Mercury, I wanna  start battling metal monsters with you guys " ,whined Nina? 

"Nina, we all ready told you" when your just a bit stronger ",Mercury said with his emotions hidden behind his sun glassed .

"More specifically when you've gained some consistency in summoning your weapon ,Which I'm sure you will soon ", added Lead .

"And I'm sure you'll get other magic powers even if you never summon your weapon ",said Osmium genuinely trying to console Nina ?

" OSMIUM , do you think before you speak EVER ",snapped Lead !?

"I think of calling you lots of things , P.B ,so yes ", answered Osmium sarcastically before shooting lead in the face with a water gun and running out the cabin .

"Osmium ,I'll hack you to pieces", yelled Lead following close behind Osmium !!

It was clear Nina was going to have to learn to summon her weapon some how .

Nina ran to the "Big pretzel" in town to find an angry Lead sniffing around the building like an animal, hunting Osmium.

Store workers  (and friends of Nina ) Eliesia and Sammy had grow quit use to odd thing like the rest of Mountainsville ,and most of it was Metal related.

 "How can we help you today Nina ",Asked the African American girl with a short natural afro and  her store uniform   sweetly as usual ?

"I guess four cinnamon soft pretzels",ask Nina ?

"Ill give you one extra, on me  if you take P.B. with you",the teen laughed leaning over the counter.

"Sammy wake ya fine self up and get this girl some pretzels" , she snapped at the blond young man wearing headphones next to her and napping in his stool !

"Ow" , he said falling walking away wondering did he hear what she said correct ?

He soon came back from the back room with a bag of hot pretzels.

"Here you go Nina Rina Cabina", joked Sammy .

" Thanks guys ",said Nina as she left tugging lead away by his arm before he tried to put his nose the slushy nozzle !

Later Nina and Lead went to the near by park ware Nina ask the being about how to summon a weapon .

"Oh that's it ;I can totally show you how to summon your weapon, "he said in his usual slight accent ?

"Its simple Nina, just focus on all the people in your life and imagine they wright there about to fight with you and have the strength to wield you weapon and a do anything else explained lead.

 Then the metal cube on his head gained a warm purple glow  as a bladed handle shot from it attached to a long chain with another handle with a blade on it.

He then used his scythe to slash an orange stem causing the fruit to fall right in Nina's hands .

"Now if you if you excuse me Ozzie got my phone wet so now he must fall ,bye Nina '',said Lead running of while yelling "I'm coming for you Osmium "!

Luckily Nina found Osmium first  at the lake and ask him the same thing .

"Well summoning your weapon is like remembering why ,ya know ;either that ,or it'll just come". "You get it Nina ", he asked ?

"I think I'm much more confused now than I was before'', said Nina .

"Well I guess I'll just show you ", he said  before making the metal on his chest glow as he pulled an axe from it .

He then leaped in the aid and slash up a bolded and landed posing on  a rock . Suddenly the rock crumbled into a statue that like Osmium as a muscular hero with his foot on Leads back like a dog .

Osmium laughed before his work was destroyed and Lead appeared out of no ware breathing heavily

Osmium then ran away being chased by lead and Nina went to find Mercury who simply told her she needed to find her own individual way .

All of a sudden Nina and mercury herd a loud screech out side and Mercury demanded she stay inside.

He rushed out to find Osmium and Lead frozen in fear as the remaining rat monster danced a nutcracker like dance and form a giant multiheaded monster with extra limbs giving it a caterpillar like appearance !

Mercury used two hammers to send the monster into the sky ,while Osmium and lead jumped after it poofing  several of the monsters head through means of decapitation .

 It soon managed to slap all the Metals away with its many tails and the it tried to drill a whole right threw them and the rock they were ducking behind .

All Nina's protective emotions flowed threw her at once and all of a sudden her metal began to glow as she finally began to run into battle shocking all three of the other metals .

She then stopped in front of the creature and the light from her metal blinded the monster.

When the light dimed Nina was holding a bronze colored string instrument (similar to a violin or viola ) with and exited and happy face !

"I did it ",gasped Nina !

"She did it ",gasped Osmium and lead ?!!

"She did it ", answered mercury with a smile .

But then Nina's expression changed drastically in a split second !

The monster then coiled its tale around Nina and snatched her pretzels from her and ate them in front of her .

She then let out and angered super scream which let the monster so stunned and confused that it dropped Nina who was quickly saved by mercury who dash from behind the rock .

Now the three metals surrounded the creature in a triangle formation while glowing .

Osmium while glowing blue dashed at light speed making a huge slash in the rats body and an X formed on its body thanks to a follow up attack by Lead Of whom had a purple glow .

Mercury then smashed wright through the monster making it explode and its seven metals one by one fell in the center of the triangle , now facing the opposite direction with the last metal falling perfectly in the center.

Nina would normally be in aw at the metals power , but now she was still upset and holding her recite from the big pretzel !

"Nina , what's wrong  did the monster hurt you asked Lead? 

"No its just I really wanted to share those pretzels even though you guys don't need food ?
"We can all share pretzels after our first mission together " said Mercury with a small smile .

Nina then joyfully hugged mercury and every one celebrate until osmium decided to make a comment.

"And I'm sure you'll even learn to wield you're dads meloteouse ", commented Osmium , and though it wasn't his intent he annoyed every one with a ruined moment.

P.B. didn't you say something about Ozzie , getting you're phone wet !?

Lead then chased the blue metal for several hours before the went inside watched TV with Nina and Mercury as a family !

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