Hedwig and the Forest of Alsder

The Forest of Alsdar is dying. The homes of the animals are being destroyed and they are forced to flee. And all for what? A evil magical demon called Workat who wants his kingdom to expand.
Is this the future for the forest? Who will save the animals? And did Hedwig the owl really die during the Battle of the Seven Potters?


1. One Last Chance

“But, sir!” protested the old farmer mouse, standing up from his worn-out, dark blue sofa with holes. His grey beard and old nearly shattered glasses shook with fear and anxiety as he took his worn-out straw hat off. “We’ve tried everything we could. There is nothing else that can help us to grow puffapods. We just don’t know what to do.”
   “Unless you can suggest anything,” said Liam, his middle aged rat nephew wearing an orange shirt.
   “Liam, quiet!” snapped Jane-Ann, his teenage golden furred mouse cousin wearing a blue vest. She was holding her baby sister Zoe.
   The two cats in blazers, shirts and ties chuckled as they stood up from the less holey, smooth brown sofa. They towered over Liam and his mouse family.
   “Your nephew is very smart,” one cat chuckled. “For a rat.”
   Glaring at the mean chuckling cats, Liam charged for them, only for his tail to held by his beloved, elderly aunt in a worn blue and purple flowered dress and wearing glasses.
   “We do have a suggestion,” said the second cat. “Why don’t you guys just make it easier on yourselves and join Workat’s new farming plans?”
   “What, the ones that will make the forest more dark than it – ”
   “Liam, shh!” warned his elderly aunt.
   “Just give me one more chance, please!” begged the old farmer as he slowly got down on his old knees. “Six months is all we ask. Please!”
   “Two months,” said the second cat. He slowly walked out of the small, cramped lounge and into the cramped kitchen. He opened the door.
   “But, sir – ”
   “Two months,” repeated the first cat, throwing the paper to the mouse farmers. “Pray you make those months effective before Workat throws you out. Let’s go!”
   Jane-Ann picked up the paper and read it. She did not enjoy reading it.

It had been five minutes since the Cathorn Inspectors left and Liam wasted no time getting out of the house for a breather.
   He was tired and fed up with his life. Four years since he moved in with his uncle, aunt and his two cousins after his own parents died in the muggle world, he tried to make life easier for everyone and himself. He worked hard on Hoyfield Farm with his uncle and Jane-Ann, he tried to liven the mood for his family and tried to enjoy life as he could. It was not too bad when he first came, but, as the years went by, times got harder and he just gave up on everyone and his family, except Zoe who was never gave him any grief yet. He also gave up on hoping for something exciting happening in his life.
   Liam went to the hardly grown puffapods and got out his wand. He and his mouse family have tried all the spells that has even been known to help the puffapods grow, but they made very little to no help. On the other hand, with time running short, Liam had to try everything to save his and his family’s life. He waved his wand when he fell down. The ground was shuddering.
   That’s what we all need now – an earthquake! But, as he got back on his feet, Liam saw the small tree his family was living in was not damaged. He looked around and saw nothing damaged except the puffapod patches were squashed.
   He liked playing practical jokes but, on a day like today, he was in no mood for them, especially if they were from the rival farmers or worse some of Workat’s soldiers, hoping for their farm to fail.
   Liam ran through the path of the squashed puffapods. As he inspected them, they didn’t look too bad. As he helped them stand back up, he noticed feathers. White feathers. He looked back at the puffapods and noticed that there was not so much as a single bite on them. Could it have been a bird that had broken down its wing? Or shot down by a wizard or something magical?
   As he journeyed further down the path, Liam saw there was a bird! A snowy owl! He quickly hid behind one of the puffapods.
   After waiting for five minutes and nothing happened, Liam turned around and saw the owl had still not moved an inch at all. He tip-toed ahead towards the bird and surveyed her. The snowy owl looked beautiful for a deceased one. He peered behind her and saw a small metal cage. He went closer and saw a name on it. It said, ‘Hedwig’.

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